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Rebel With A Cause

Chapter Thirteen


Good and Evil As Primitive "Natural Law"

The Scene: The Space Ship Enterprise

The Question: Kirk to Spock—Who owns the Planet Earth and its Inhabitants?

The Answer: Spock to Crew—Those who have the Power to define. The ownership of the Planet has changed hands a hundred times. I think if you trace the papers back far enough you will find that one of the first owners was called Jehovah.

The earthlings had an interesting habit of dividing up ownership through wars and then marking their territory on little pieces of paper. The inhabitants of each territory thought they were superior to their neighbors.

They conducted primitive genetic practices. The conquered regions were used as experimental breeding grounds. When they ran out of new frontiers and artificially attempted to stabilize the planet, there were four fundamental classes, the Intelligent and Powerful, the Status Quos, the Poor and the Criminal. When they invented space travel, the Powerful and the Criminals left, the Poor died, and the ownership of the planet passed to the Status Quo. They in turn reinvented the same four classes and the ownership is again up for grabs. The majority of problems on the planet are a result of the idea that human beings are not sovereign and autonomous but property owned by abstractions such as Gods and governments.

It is important to remember when visiting this planet that words, things, and thinking are viewed as the same. A little story may convey the idea. "There once was a room with no door. In the room sat a man. He was so depressed that he could not find a door that he was on the verge of committing suicide by jumping out of one of the windows. But, when he looked out the window and saw that they were only one foot from the ground, he grew even more depressed. He said to himself, 'It is bad enough that there is no door from which to exit, now I find that I can't even gain my freedom by committing suicide.'" The planet we are about to visit responds to words with the same neuro-physiological reaction as a real event. Be cautious, it is dangerous down

Scene Two

The Dawning of popular Western Metaphysics (Or the History of Metaphor) is best expressed by the story of the Tree of Knowledge, when the undifferentiated blissful world of the Garden of Eden was suddenly split into two. Adam and Eve's act of disobedience bore from a womb of peace, a world divided in two, a world where the Master now hated the object on which He craved to bestow His Love. Rejecting God's Love, man became a debtor who couldn't repay the loan, and his future was mortgaged to pay the interest.

The primal set of opposites, good and evil, sprang from disobedience, the well-spring of God's greatest gift, man's vaulted free will. But it is the very use of this "gift" which inescapably gives birth to shame, guilt, original sin and planetary bankruptcy. "Intention transforms an Accident into a Crime." God gave man free will. God put the tree in the garden and God told man not to touch it. If, as Genesis says, God wished only to bestow his love on Man, what kind of God would set up such a lawyer's trap?

Expelled from paradise into a world of struggle and misery, forever cursed for his primal choice, man blindly accepted the verdict and obligation.

From the idyllic world free from pain, man found himself in the world of Becoming, of differences and similarities, of epistemology, and of language, a tool which could cut in two directions at once. The ancient Hawaiian's have a proverb which says, "In language is life and death."

From the simple myth of Eden with which almost every child is familiar, sprang a world view which, in its extreme, is represented by television evangelism. God is a landlord—indeed a slumlord—but always a Lord. Man is an ungrateful, rebellious slave who can never pay his debt, except possibly by complete obedience, casting his mind and nature into the "caring" hands of his frustrated creator.

Scene Three

Philosophy has "enjoyed" centuries of speculating on the fruits of the Primal Disobedience—The emergence of the Opposites. Some of these have been Nature/Nurture, Free Will/Determinism, Skepticism/Faith Good/Evil, Being/Becoming, Whole/Part, Real/Apparent, Mind/Body Physical/Spiritual, Man/God and other meta-morsels.

Any intelligent human being could simply re-create the entire history of human existence by plotting the Opposites, both as independent grids and as interactive forces. In fact we could "diagnose" or mirror an individual and an entire culture by simply understanding which position on each scale a group worships and idolizes. For example, the Chinese believe in fate, Americans believe in free will.

It Is Amazing How Something Can Evolve From Nothing

Opposites have served as an epistemological training ground for metaphysicians who could demonstrate their superiority by turning an apple into an orange. Of course, only those divinely ordained to understand the "true" meaning of these terms could participate in the sport. The rest stood in awe and worshipped those who had the ability to understand and apply logic to the dark and mysterious world(s) of Being and Becoming. In fact, today we call these, Gyrations and Viewpoints, all of which of course hold equal value. In today's New Age if something has "substance", it is suspected of evil.

The problem of opposites lies in the inadequate information gained from the Tree of Knowledge. (See the story of the man in the room above.) When man learned about good and evil he did not learn how empty words are like a container that can be filled with various liquids.

Like a child who receives an airplane for a present, and is so delighted and overwhelmed by the joy of the wheels, he never learns that the plane could also fly. The utter emptiness of words gave man an opportunity to fill them with whatever he wished, while at the same time believing the words had substance and existed independent from his own creative efforts.

The Opposites have served as a primitive model of classifying, ordering and "understanding" the universe. The problem lies in the fact that Opposites do not exist apart from the mind (or, each other). Anything "understood" by Opposites can equally and probably better be understood in terms of scales such as, so much of X or Y. The process of thinking in Opposites create an illusion of Opposition, a world of Conflict, which in fact may not exist independent of our beliefs.

In other words, the notion of opposites is not a "Natural Law", but simply a primitive survival device with many interesting and dangerous uses. If we carefully examine our history we will find that man has torn himself apart with his belief in the REALITY and NECESSITY of Either/Ors.

For the man in the street, the philosophies of opposites, particularly Good and Evil, have served as a torture chamber, a crucifix made from metaphor. Thrust into a world which views him as the property of Gods and States and overwhelmed by an un-repayable debt, the metaphysics of slavery and the facts of pain, pleasure and death; bolstered by science, whose theories have become the whores of the state, man is now informed that he is ill. The proof of this is his refusal to submit completely. The world debt is due to his saying "no" to total slavery. He will not obey. We are at War, and man is the enemy; the question is: Who is on the other side?

Original sin is now ALSO translated into sickness, calling for a new and scientific priest craft. Man is sick, addicted, lame, and dangerous, needing constant protection and supervision by the state, insurance companies, and a never-ending parade of caring, licensed professionals. We are told over and over again that man's illness and addictions are costing US billions. Man, the slave/resource, is causing US trouble, he is interfering with OUR Plans. Man's debt has now increased a billion-fold. Those who question the "plans" or the sanity of the metaphors in play, are diagnosed as morally unfit or mentally ill.

Scene Four

Evil emerges as a metaphor which refers to those who refuse to accept the Plan—the prevailing Garden of Eden—created by God so She may bestow Her Love and Grace. If man refuses he must be force-fed.

What makes the notion of Evil and Good work is the belief that the words have substance independent of the workings of man's own mind and his uncanny need and ability to create FINAL CAUSES.

All that is required for metaphysics to function, to perform its magic, is any unanswered question which can be associated with fear and pain. What makes a leader is someone who claims that he can fill the void.

The Next Scene

While most humans will agree that slavery is evil—that the ownership of one human by another is immoral—few humans will equate slavery with enforced education, welfare, health, and the idea of a perfect orderly universe. Slavery is usually associated with power over others and with the ability to enforce one's will on another without the fear of retaliation. Within the "right" of ownership and debt there is a hidden mystery, a metaphysics, a knowledge only available to those with the power to create and enforce their metaphysics. Whenever a new group achieves power, they also inherit the metaphysics, and magically, the ability to use it.

However, an interesting twist has taken place in the entire slave/master paradigm. Enforced education, welfare, health, are for our own good and it is our duty to submit to the treatment. This is immediately followed by the platitude that all these laws are necessary for the smooth functioning of society, which, of course, we all observe daily. Without someone to run the show we would have chaos and disorder. This is followed by a SMILE, and the statement that "things could be worse."

Modern slavery is not simply a "Thou Shalt Not," but numerous "Thou Shalts." Many liberated humans even believe that it is the obligation of the Masters to care for their Slaves. Of course, what is different is the title-word "citizen" and that today's sophisticated redistribution of power shows no blood during family hour TV.

We can begin to scent the meaning of evil. It smells of change, contradiction, uncertainties. It is the lack of stability, becoming; the opposite of order, being, peace, the good. Here the confusion coincides with physiology. We have mixed the whole thing up. We have confused the physiology of comfort, the cognition of stability, beliefs as truth, predictable futures, statistics—with the idea of a Morality. In other words, while chaos, disorder, change and destruction are integral and necessary elements of life on this heavy G planet, we abhor its realization and worse yet, its Existence. This requires the postulation of its opposite as an Ideal, a heaven juxtaposed against earth. A God who loathes his Creation. From this has evolved a need to group act, to over-control and "normalize." We are simply No-Good Shits—by Definition.

From this we have created the Idea of the one God, separated from his creation by Evil. The new slavery, unlike the old, not only guarantees that the slave will be punished if he transgresses, but also guarantees stability, order, health and education—by decree. The new slave must let God (State) bestow care and supervision onto her, in order to ensure the continuing "safe" functioning of the person as resource. If the person refuses, denies the right of the Master and his Plan, the person is Evil. It is important to remember (the story of Job stresses this), Evil cannot be a characteristic of the Master, only the Slave. When the slave gets smart she reverses the process.

Mind and Will are exchanged for a guaranteed future. But even a modern slave cannot tolerate the complete awareness of the exchange. Acknowledging his cowardice and slave mentality would offend his "pride." To cover up the trade, we require more fictions and ideologies.

We now search for the enemy of stability, as if it had a face, an identity, other than life itself.

And our search for those who cause the discomfort is directed at the rebels: those who dare to question—or have to question—the cage of stability.

The rebel, the one who sought and tamed new frontiers, once revered as hero and mystic, is now turned into the sociopath. This transformation from hero to devil is partially a result of the stability demanded by those who come after him (the middle class) to live off the fruits of his courage and struggle, the mass which comes to fill the world carved by those who thrived on nature's unpredictable chaotic qualities. Once the frontier is "tamed" Status Quo moves in and demands order. A place where they can build their nests and ensure the betterment of their genetic coils. Morality is in fact an invention for the Middle Class. It creates a notion of order and justice in the world. The truly Powerful do not require these fictions and the Poor...well, they know better.

What of the rebel now? If lucky, he became wealthy and powerful, and with that, mobile, able to keep out of reach of those who require tranquility and predictability in order to breed. If unlucky, he is forcibly exiled, jailed or murdered.

However, this is not the end of the story, for Nature "knows" that it cannot survive without the rebel. She is born again and again, and when born into stability, taming is difficult. The child is incorrigible, delinquent, hyperactive, requiring Ritalin, psychotherapy, special education. If lucky, the child escapes with the deep scars of guilt, shame and self-hatred, but at least having a chance to find its own frontier. If unlucky, the child is tortured, jailed, or suffers from never-ending despair.

When there is no frontier for the rebel, the soul of a society begins to suffer. Some, like Wilhelm Reich, contend that the culture can itself be diseased. He referred to this as the Emotional Plague. In the end he was proven correct, not simply by the culture, but by individuals who embodied the repressed counterparts of an ideal.

According to Jungian tradition the manifestation or experience of evil results from the repression of both the personal and the collective shadow, sometimes resulting in physical manifestations such as Hitler, regarded in this age as the Epitome of Evil. However, what is the cause of this repression but the Ideal itself? In face of this intimation, why still worship the Ideal?

As Nietzsche so beautifully put it, the ideal of truth posited by the Christian world, was the value which overturned it. Can we say that our fear and denial of instability or disorder (which in my view is the result of a lack of belief in ourselves as anything but a slave race), be perceived as more devastating than chaos and instability itself? The attempt to destroy evil, in and of itself, is an attempt to destroy life. Accepting that disobedience was the first evil, it follows that any attempt to destroy dis-obedience is an attempt to destroy life. I believe that even the rebel Jesus would agree that his acts of dis-obedience were perceived as evil by the establishment Rabbis, who used the notion of evil to destroy him.

Perhaps, if we wish to understand what a "civilized Christian society" means by Evil, we should dilate on Hitler's aspirations. He saw himself on a Messianic mission to purify and help his definition of perfected man evolve and rule the world. He saw himself and his followers as the Masters and the rest of the world as slaves. He was willing to do anything to see his vision fulfilled, including Usurping the Power of Mass Murder from God (see the Flood). And remember, Usurping itself is a Great Sin.

He performed his willful acts openly and told the world what his intentions were. He brought to consciousness a picture of mass evil (something which everyone else was doing, but behind more-or-less closed doors). Was his Sin any different when compared to Stalin, Mao, Alexander, Ghengis Khan, the Christian and Islamic inquisitions, and the hundreds of other cultures, civilizations and religions which have thought of themselves as Chosen, on a Mission, superior and willing to murder for the Ideal? Could we say then, that his evil was simply losing, or was it the "more important" fact that he employed violence? If so, what of the American Indian and other races and cultures destroyed by the Christian notion of a pure white race. And what of the Blacks in America? No, most humans would argue that Hitler's evil was something more. What was it? It may have been because it happened in our own time, it was blatant, he lost the war, he crossed his genetic borders, or attacked the "chosen people" or ??

(As an aside, I would like to inform the reader that some individuals, after reading this, have asked me if I was a National Socialist simply because I used Hitler as an example!)

The word Evil functions in such a way as to allow one group to justify its own atrocities and make them noble. By dealing with such a powerful metaphysical abstraction (one which is physiologically associated with pain, fear, trembling and survival), it is an easy step to the performance of an act such as "execution," with the sense of moral righteousness and vindication. It is not a man who is being executed, it is Evil. It is the void filled with all the imagination and terror of a cowardly "adjusted" Status Quo man.

What is the psychological effect on the slave of the following two statements?

  1. We will execute anyone who disobeys.
  2. We will execute anyone who is evil.

As Nietzsche has shown, evil is an intention serving a purpose. It allows one group to justify its will to power over another, just as it has been used to intimidate most men.

Rebels And Devils

The rebel with a cause is the person who risks the label of evil when she attempts to remove, or go beyond, the categories of limitation currently believed. Just like the notion of the four minute mile, which somehow became eternally defined as an Absolute, the rebel with a cause challenges arbitrary definitions, commandments and rules, which are believed to be Absolute. Some of these are death, gravity, limitations of the body and intelligence.

What we do and how we feel is a function of believing in fictitious limitations which have no basis except in belief.

Good and Evil—and Opposites in general—are primitive devices used by our minds to order the universe, and in my view, create an atmosphere of conflict which might not otherwise exist. The meaning and truth ascribed to the various pairs of opposites—including such famous arguments as Nature/Nurture—are a function of Who has the Power to create Definitions and, thereby, Offenders. If the human mind requires "evil" in order to function, let it be death, stupidity, gravity and disease.

If the human mind requires the notion of "good," let it be ceasing the primitive process of projecting our Greatness onto Idols—accepting Evil onto Ourselves.

Who Owns You?

The table below shows three models of OWNERSHIP: The first is the Model of God; the second, derived from the first, is the Model of Society and its Caretakers. The third is the Model of the Cyber-Shaman

Ownership Table Who Owns Whom?

One purpose of this OWNERSHIP TABLE is to help the individual gain insight into fundamentalist attitudes of OWNERSHIP. Only when man OWNS HIRSELF is the dehumanizing process of slavery non existent. The notion of OWNERSHIP, be it explicit or tacit, is the KEY CONCEPT which determines what is thought of as a problem and what solutions can be offered.

If we accept the Model of the Cyber-Shaman (that man OWNS HIRSELF), 95 percent of the so-called problems—which we read about in newspapers, hear about on the radio, watch on television and discuss with friend—DO NOT EXIST. Thus, all proposed SOLUTIONS for these PSEUDO-PROBLEMS are MEANINGLESS.

The concept of OWNERSHIP starts in the cradle and does not end, even in the grave.

Thus, our solution is not eradication of OWNERSHIP but rather REPOSSESSING the SELF.


Excerpt from Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices by Christopher S. Hyatt

[PDF, ch. 13, Who Owns the Planet Earth?]

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Euro Cliff Diving

Watch in Real-Time

Container Gardening Tips & Plans

Container Gardening Tips & Plans : Window Box Gardens: Container Gardening Tips, Ideas & Advice

Learn how to plant window box container gardens in this free home gardening video. Get beginner gardening tips, ideas & advice.

Bio: Scott Reil is an accredited nurseryman and longtime horticulturalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Scott is now working for Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso.

h/t: PlantingAGarden

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American Expatriation Guide

h/t: Zero Hedge

"For Americans, reliable information about how to exercise the right of expatriation is very difficult to find without incurring substantial costs. Many high net worth individuals never consider it simply because the subject seems so mysterious and intimidating. Yet freeing yourself from the global U.S. tax net provides the highest guaranteed return on capital that any American will ever know.

"The purpose of this guide is to demystify expatriation, highlight its many benefits, and provide a roadmap to follow should Americans choose to exercise the right. I hope it will be an invaluable resource to your readers. I am the sole author of the guide, and it is my desire to remain anonymous. As I note in the document, I give unrestricted, royalty- free permission to any and all parties to reproduce, publish and distribute this guide, in whole or in part, on any form of media in all territories throughout the world." -- author

For larger text, click "Fullscreen" (top center) then "Zoom +" (lower left).

American Expatriation Guide

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Webcam: Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

Quite a show this morning...
Will Eyjafjallajökull awaken Katla [larger volcano on right of map below]?
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Twilight Zone: To Serve Man

Twilight Zone: To Serve Man

The Twilight Zone classic episode "To Serve Man", starring Rod Serling and LLyod Bochner. Shrunk down for your enjoyment...

Food For Thought: If we land on Mars and discover that there are Salmon living in an ocean underneath the Martian polar ice-cap, would we protect this new species? Or would we be like the Kanamits and go there to eat them?


The new War Season starts May 6th….stay tuned.

Hawking: Don’t talk to aliens

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Flowering plants require insects for pollination. The most effective is the honeybee, which pollinates 90 commercial crops worldwide. As well as most fruits and vegetables – including apples, oranges, strawberries, onions and carrots – they pollinate nuts, sunflowers and oil-seed rape. Coffee, soya beans, clovers – like alfafa, which is used for cattle feed – and even cotton are all dependent on honeybee pollination to increase yields.

Mankind has been managing and transporting bees for centuries to pollinate food and produce honey, nature's natural sweetener and antiseptic. Their extinction would mean not only a colourless, meatless diet of cereals and rice, and cottonless clothes, but a landscape without orchards, allotments and meadows of wildflowers – and the collapse of the food chain that sustains wild birds and animals.

Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe

The world may be on the brink of biological disaster after news that a third of US bee colonies did not survive the winter -- Read more from The Guardian

photos via

No Fishing

U.S. officials closed commercial and recreational fishing in a large swathe of waters hit by the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Sunday.

The affected waters, which span the coastlines of four states, are largely between the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Florida's Pensacola Bay, the NOAA said.

The ban took immediate effect and is in place for at least 10 days. -- Reuters

For a map of the emergency rule closure boundary, click the following link: here.

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NOAA Press Release

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Nordisk Krydser CAN III i fuldt firspring

Nordisk Krydser CAN III i fuldt firspring


i fuldt firspring

1. at a gallop
2. at full pelt, at full tilt

Oil Slick Nears Mississippi Delta

NASA image courtesy MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. The MODIS Rapiid Response team provides daily image of this area. Caption by Michon Scott. Download large image (2 MB, JPEG).

The oil slick, which resulted from the accident at the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, lingered near the Mississippi Delta on May 1, 2010. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image the same day. The oil slick appears as a tangle of dull gray on the ocean surface, made visible to the satellite sensor by the Sun’s reflection on the ocean surface. Most of the oil slick occurs southeast of the Mississippi Delta.

An April 20 explosion at the rig led to a leak of crude oil at the sea floor, roughly 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below the ocean surface, where intense pressure impedes most mitigation efforts. The New York Times reported that bad weather further hampered cleanup efforts as Gulf Coast communities braced for arrival of the oil along the shore. As much as 210,000 gallons (790,000 liters) of crude oil a day were leaking into the Gulf at the beginning of May, and that amount might increase. [An estimated 1.6 million gallons has spilled to date.] -- NASA Earth Observatory

The Mississippi River delta before the spill. Lake Pontchartrain is on the left and New Orleans is the grey area below it. The Mississippi continues well out into the gulf in this image from 2001.

NOAA Deepwater Horizon Incident Maps


Interior Secretary Salazar: US Gulf Oil Spill May Be Worse Than Valdez

If the 25,000 barrel-a-day estimate is accurate and the leak lasts for 90 days, that's 2.25 million barrels, or 94.5 million gallons.

'This Week' in History: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Some estimates reflect that 2,000 sea otters, 300 harbor seals and 250,000 seabirds died as a result of the Valdez's oil spill, and the effects are still being felt in the region over twenty years later. Researchers project that the arctic habitat could take thirty years to recover from the damage. [The Exxon Valdez was carrying a 54-million-gallon cargo of oil.]

Gulf of Mexico Worst Case Scenarios -- Coming Fast with Possible Terrorist Tie-in

One source, of questionable reliability, The European Union Times suggests that the platform explosion was caused by a North Korean Mini-sub, launched on April 20th from a ship which departed Cuba on April 18th and then deviated far from it's scheduled course to Venezuela. The article speculates that theTransocean Corporation which owns and operated platform, has ties to South Korea through Hyuundai holdings in the company, so this was an attack by N. Korea on it's enemy, South Korea. The article also speculates that this will force Obama to make a decision to use a nuclear warhead to close the uncontrolled leaking well. Use of a nuclear bomb, for any reason, will hurt Obama's recent efforts to reduce Nuclear weapon ownership worldwide. Note that this article is not corroborated and claims to be privy to Russian and Japanese reports.

No Fishing: between the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Florida's Pensacola Bay

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The new War Season starts May 6th….stay tuned.

Wolf and the Other Blitzers, the new War Season, a terrible choice…..

The new War Season starts May 6th….stay tuned.

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This is so far out, I have no idea...

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Wolf Blitzer FAILING on Celebrity Jeopardy - Highlights

Bering Sea Quakes Mirror X-Ray Fluxes: Astrotometry

Satellite photo of the Bering Sea - Alaska is on the top right, Russia on the top left. -- Wikipedia

Astrotometry: Bering Sea Earthquake Commentary - AV-2010-05-01

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USGS Earthquake Map - Bering Sea

The Sun-Earth Connection

Geologic Map of California

California Geological Survey - 2010 State Geologic Map of California

The 2010 Geologic Map of California includes modifications to the fault traces for consistency with the 2010 edition of the Fault Activity Map of California. Due to the complexity of the onshore geologic data depicted on the Geologic Map of California, it was not technically feasible to incorporate the detailed fault data in its entirety. A comparison of the datasets was made and numerous fault traces were replaced with simplified fault traces based on the new fault map. In addition, several faults that have been mapped since the compilation of the original geologic map were also identified and added, and traces no longer believed to be faults were removed. In general, the Quaternary faults shown in the onshore region of this map are intended to be a simplified representation of the faults depicted on the Fault Activity Map.

Read more from The State of CA Dept. of Conservation

Click here to view a page size image of the State Geologic Map of California. (3.2 MB jpeg file)
Click here or on/near the San Francisco bay area for a closer look at the map.
Click here to view the interactive map on your browser.
Click here to view the Pamphlet that accompanies the State Geologic Map.