Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Possible Electromagnetic Effects on Abnormal Animal Behavior Before an Earthquake [PDF]

Abstract: The former statistical properties summarized by Rikitake (1998) on unusual an behavior before an earthquake (EQ) have first been presented by using two parameters (epicen distance (D) of an anomaly and its precursor (or lead) time (T)). Three plots are utilize characterize the unusual animal behavior; (i) EQ magnitude (M) versus D, (ii) log T versus M, and occurrence histogram of log T. These plots are compared with the corresponding plots for diffe seismo-electromagnetic effects (radio emissions in different frequency ranges, seismo-atmosph and -ionospheric perturbations) extensively obtained during the last 15–20 years. From the res of comparisons in terms of three plots, it is likely that lower frequency (ULF (ultra-low-frequency 1 Hz) and ELF (extremely-low-frequency, f ≤ a few hundreds Hz)) electromagnetic emissions exhi very similar temporal evolution with that of abnormal animal behavior. It is also suggested th quantity of field intensity multiplied by the persistent time (or duration) of noise would play primary role in abnormal animal behavior before an EQ.