Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sovereign Debt Crisis Conference


The nonsense from people that think gold will save them is unsupported by history.

When Rome fell, there was nothing left.

Society collapsed into a Dark Age.

The population of Rome abandoned the cities becoming almost a Mad Max scenario.

This is far more serious than: "Gee, where do I park my money for 10 years?"

-- Martin Armstrong


  1. And, as for the sovereign debt conference attendees: I wonder how many of them have figured out that a little land to grow something on, a water source, and an assortment of cash, precious metal coins, A bitcoin or three, and crops to buy off local governments when they get tax disease is as good as it gets for a while? -- George Ure, Urban Survival

  2. "The markets may be shocked but some principles have to be laid down," said one EU official, speaking on condition of anonymity, adding that it would be "unfair" for the new EU law to take a different approach to that used in Cyprus. -- Winner, Anonymous Coward Award