Monday, March 25, 2013

Unbanking vs. Underbanking: How To Break Up With The Financial System

Ditch the Dollar

Although you require some fiat currency to function in today's society, as well as some in an emergency fund, consider using other forms of currency whenever possible.

The following suggestions won't work for everyone, but some folks may be able to ditch the dollar in the following ways:

Engage in the barter system: trade goods and services with like-minded people.

Keep precious metals like gold and silver in a fireproof safe for your "savings account."

Immediately convert fiat currency into tangible goods: food, ammo, home defense items, tools, etc.

Work towards self-sufficiency – if you buy less, you can earn less: grow your food, repair your own home or vehicle, do things manually instead of using expensive equipment, lessen your dependency on the grid.

Simplify – this goes hand in hand with self sufficiency: find your entertainment from library books and online resources, skip eating out, take a walk instead of joining a gym – the less you feel you need, the less money you will have to earn.

The decision to unbank or underbank is unique to every individual.

The further away you can get from "the system" the more privacy and security you will have.

The suggestions above are not meant to be comprehensive – they're meant to get you thinking about how you can disengage.

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