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The Door to the FISA Court

"Where are we?" Oliver demanded.

"It's the Room of Requirement," Hermione said.

Hermione frowned in perplexity. "Mostly people stumble across it when they need it - I certainly didn't summon it ..."


Drawing by Lindsay Young.

Nobody will actually tell you where the door to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court — also known as the "FISA Court" — is. It's understood to have moved from the Department of Justice to the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in 2009, but when I visited Prettyman, the employees in the first floor District Clerk's office (gently) laughed at my attempts to find anything about the Court. They referred to it as the "Room of Requirement", and said they had no idea what floor it was even on.

But if you walk through each floor of the Courthouse, and if you believe the Washington Post's 2009 description of the FISA Court door as having "biometric hand scanners" and being in a "public hallway", then it becomes pretty obvious that on the 3rd floor's solemn hallway, you've found your door.


If the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is supposed to be an actual Court, functioning in the service of the public and the Constitution as an independent overseer of the executive branch, where is its public face?

Where are its unclassified records? Why can't we talk to its Clerk?

And if nothing else: why won't it put its name on its door?

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2012/Current FISA Judge list

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Room of Requirement scene

Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue their quest of finding and destroying the Dark Lord's three remaining Horcruxes, the magical items responsible for his immortality. But as the mystical Deathly Hallows are uncovered, and Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again.

Think your password is secure from the NSA? Try this.
Since cracking algorithms succeed by picking up patterns in human behavior, the key to a secure password is randomness and disorder. In the security business, this is known as entropy.

It’s difficult for a human being to fake randomness and disorder. So one easy way to achieve this is to use a password generator tool that incorporates entropy.

Try, for example, going to

On this website, you move your mouse around randomly, and the website’s software incorporates these random mouse movements into its password generation code.

The passwords that it generates are far more secure, taking centuries to crack instead of mere seconds.

It may be a good idea to take a few minutes out of your life to check your own password vulnerability, and come up with an alternative that’s far more secure.

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"Smart" Houses Added to List of Hacker Threats
From top to bottom, it appears that our modern internet-driven world filled with interconnected smart gadgets and modern computing applications is making us vulnerable to potentially life-changing hacks.

As was noted recently, not only are modern cars open to being hacked, but also boats, planes, and GPS-driven munitions and unmanned vehicles. (Source)

So, perhaps you think you'll ditch the modern car, get rid of the smartphone, limit travel and hunker down safe and cozy in your home. Well, unfortunately, if your house is filled with modern appliances and electronics, it could potentially open up a literal nightmare experience.

Smart Meters have arguably garnered the most concern in the housing market, as homeowners have begun voiving their concerns about documented health and privacy issues.

But what if you were awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call, and the person on the line told you they were taking full remote control over your home? Then proved it by turning your lights on and off, starting up the dishwasher, blasting your TV at full volume, and turning up the heat.

Then you hear your garage door opening.

This type of "haunting" scenario was the subject of Kashmir Hill's article writing for Forbes titled,  "When 'Smart Homes' Get Hacked: I Haunted A Complete Stranger's House Via The Internet."

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Switching on the heating, closing the blinds and even controlling what the children are watching on the TV are now becoming easier.

They can all now be controlled using a phone, App or tablet. The Home Automation Market is booming and thanks to smart technology there's no need to have lots of remote controls, they can all be done just using the one device.

Even your coffee can be controlled by tablet or smart phone.

Cornflake is the firm behind the technology, a new App called the Cornflake Concierge allows all the home gizzmos and gadgets to be controlled remotely either inside or outside the home.

"Where the internet comes into your property from then onwards we can control anything, so whether it be your Aga cooker, the top of your swimming pool, your lighting, your heating, your climate control. We can take heat from one area of your house and put it into air conditioning system so you're actually saving energy and saving money. Pretty much anything really that technology can do these days and it can do a lot." said Robin Shepherd, Cornflake's CEO.

Cornflake has built a two-storey town house in central London to show off the very latest in home technology. It cost £1.4 million to build and features a further half a million pounds worth of equipment.

The games room features a revolving dance floor and giant screen hidden behind a electronic wall. Everything - including music, CCTV, heating and cinema is synced to a centralised system which can be hidden in the home.

Owners select which room they want to control from a plan on their tablet or phone.

The home automation market is booming thanks to technology prices coming down and the proliferation of tablets and smart phones acting as interface between technology and consumer.

Last year Europe's Home Automation market earned 223 million euros and it's set to grow by more than 50 percent by 2017. Germany is by far the largest market with a 47 percent share, followed by France with 10 percent and then the UK.

"Technology prices half every 12 months, so within 12 months twice the size of the market can afford the sort of technology we supply today. And of course with the price points coming down it will become just the norm that when you go into people houses they will have the ability to have sound and vision everywhere." said Shephard.

Since the introduction of tablet computers in 2010, the market has changed drastically.

"The Smart Home's really undergone a lot of changes over the last decade. Traditionally we've seen very luxury systems, very high end home automation systems dominating the market and that's still the case now but really we're seeing a shift from that luxury segment much more towards the mass market systems and smart phones and tablets are a lot to do with that," said Elizabeth Mead, market analyst at IHS Electronics & Media.

"I think it might just might be the general uptake in technology in the home. You're seeing much more of the in home network in the mass market and smart phones and tablets are a lot to do with that." she added.

Not every home can afford its own cinema room but as home automation technologies evolve to become smarter, spaces like this may not be only the preserve of the rich and famous.

Clif High Wujo 29-Jul-2013 - Ice Age, Gray Market US, Government Jobs, Hardsided Yurts, Shrimp Towers

Topics Discussed:

Gray Markets USA
Government Jobs only, no Real Jobs being created
Hardsided Yurts
Shrimp Towers
Ice Age
ALTA (Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis) Reports

Visit Clif High's Website:

The Incredible Sungrazing Comets

A sungrazing comet is a comet that passes extremely close to the Sun at perihelion -- sometimes within a few thousand kilometers of the Sun's surface. While small sungrazers can be completely evaporated during such a close approach to the Sun, larger sungrazers can survive many perihelion passages. However, the strong evaporation and tidal forces they experience often lead to their fragmentation.

What can these comets tell us about our solar system? Perhaps they can even reveal some of the mysteries of the sun itself...

4MIN News July 31, 2013: ISON has NOT 'Fizzled', Meteor Showers

Climate Assessment:

ISON Un-fizzled:

LandSAT Proves Itself:

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CrossFit - The Fittest on Earth - 2013 -&- Killing the Fat Man: Episode 13 with Gary Roberts

CrossFit - Fittest Woman on Earth: Samantha Briggs 

CrossFit - Fittest Man on Earth: Rich Froning

Rich Froning is the Fittest Man on Earth for the third year in a row.

The CrossFit Games -- (


CrossFit - Killing the Fat Man: Episode 13 with Gary Roberts

For Gary Roberts, best friend Harold Ryden represents his "baseline workout" in the real world. A former arm wrestler of 12 years, 39-year-old Ryden has beaten Roberts at everything.

"So as long as I've known Gary, he's always been fat," Ryden says. "And in those nine years (he) only got fatter."

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called "Always the Fat Friend"—Roberts invites his friend to do a workout at Oceanside CrossFit.

"I will have beaten a demon that I have inside because when I've always looked at Harold, he's always been the big guy. He's always been better at everything than me," Roberts says. "I never thought I could out-accomplish him at anything."

The workout is a 10-minute AMRAP involving running, thrusters, sit-ups, burpees and knees-to-elbows. Ryden finishes several reps shy of two rounds. Roberts later completes four rounds plus six reps, beating even Coach Chris Sheets.

"This really shows how much Gary has improved," Sheets says. "Gary's never beat me in a workout—until today."

Killing the Fat Man episodes 1-13


"Yeah, baby... it's The Bernank."


Spying on the Spys: The United States Intelligence Community (Who are they?)

The United States Intelligence Community (IC) is a federation of 16 separate United States government agencies that work separately and together to conduct intelligence activities considered necessary for the conduct of foreign relations and national security of the United States. Member organizations of the IC include intelligence agencies, military intelligence, and civilian intelligence and analysis offices within federal executive departments. The IC is led by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), who reports to the President of the United States.

Among their varied responsibilities, the members of the Community collect and produce foreign and domestic intelligence, contribute to military planning, and perform espionage. The IC was established by Executive Order 12333, signed on December 4, 1981, by President Ronald Reagan.[1]

The Washington Post reported in 2010 that there were 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies in 10,000 locations in the United States that are working on counterterrorism, homeland security, and intelligence, and that the intelligence community as a whole includes 854,000 people holding top-secret clearances.[2] According to a 2008 study by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, private contractors make up 29% of the workforce in the U.S. intelligence community and cost the equivalent of 49% of their personnel budgets.[3] -- Wikipedia


Tonight, on History So it Doesn't Repeat: We ask the question: Is America safer, now that we're openly being spied on? We'll discover how to check our premises, and peer into the origins, form, and function of the Intelligence Community. By studying those who spy on us, we'll uncover the root-causes of the War on Terror; and you will have the facts to help end it.
Richard’s Brain Model: “A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty” (2009-Present)

[That cool, web-like hierarchy map of names shown in the first 9 minutes of the video -- the model Richard build through which he gained his understanding of the validity and interconnectivity of both correlated and casually-related subjects in history. More than 5,000 individual entries, connected.]


Abby Martin talks to Russell Tice, former intelligence analyst and original NSA whistleblower, about how the recent NSA scandal only scratches the surface of a massive surveillance apparatus, citing specific targets whom he saw spying orders for including former senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

"This is everybody and everything. NSA is literally tapping every communication, every digital communication in this country. Content. Not just the META data. The content. And, when they're saying, 'It's not that far,' once again, they are lying. They continue to lie about the full capability." -- Russ Tice


Spying on the Spys 2: Cyberspy Network

Guccifer lists lists and names names.

Pakistan Jailbreak: Taliban Free 248 in Dera Ismail Khan

Burnt rooms inside a prison are seen following a Taliban attack in Dera Ismail Khan July 30, 2013. source

The attack in the town of Dera Ismail Khan began with shooting and huge explosions at around midnight on Monday (15:00 GMT).

Up to 100 attackers, some wearing police uniforms, bombarded the prison with rockets and mortars before going inside.

The town's civil commissioner, Mushtaq Jadoon, said attackers used loudhailers to call the names of particular inmates.

An ensuing gun battle raged for three or four hours.

Katherine Houreld, a correspondent for Reuters news agency, told the BBC it had been a "very sophisticated attack - they blew the electricity line, they breached the walls and they set ambushes for reinforcements".

"When the shooting started, we immediately got into an armed police vehicle and parked on the road in front of the main gate," injured policeman Hidayat Ullah told AP news agency from his hospital bed.

"After this, we heard an explosion and the main gate exploded. After this, we started shooting towards the main gate from our armed vehicle.

"During this time, maybe either a rocket launcher or a mortar shell hit the vehicle. Two of our policemen were killed on the spot, and three of us were injured. We got down from the armed vehicle, and after that I don't know what happened."

The town's prison is a century old and is said not to have been designed for high-security inmates, but houses hundreds of Taliban fighters and militants from other banned groups.

Mr Jadoon said 30 "hardened militants", who had been jailed for their involvement in major attacks or suicide bombings, were among those freed.

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248 in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan
1,182 from Kuayfia Prison near Benghazi, Libya
500 at Abu Ghraib and Taji near Baghdad, Iraq

Nearly 2,000 prisoners for the month of July... and counting.

You think these jailbreaks were part of a master plan? [sarc]

NSA Utah Data Center Probe | Cryptome

Not much to see of protection against missiles and aerial attack but that is the same at other NSA facilities. Wonder what supports that confidence.

The odd bent shape of the site plan, with buildings not parallel to one another is intriguing. Could be aesthetic but may have another role, say to disperse richochet of inadvertent emanations.

Quite a few recent government buildings avoid the traditional rectilinear site planning of buildings long considered to be most cost effective and authoritarian. Some like NGA HQ, NSA Utah, NSA Hawaii and several at Ft. Meade look almost byzantine in layout, if not a shrewd design to limit echo, amplification, richochet, or best, to befuddle satellite peepers.

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Monster Slingshot New World Record Shot | Jörg Sprave

The world record for the most energetic slingshot shot was 112 Joules for a handheld and 131 Joules for a leg operated model . until now.

The Slingshot Channel did an excursion to Greenville/South Carolina to attempt breaking both of these records with a monster wrist braced draw extended slingshot. Featuring 195 cm of a draw length, the very plain weapon managed to achieve 135 Joules!

See the 1" steel balls breaking through the tough, thick plastic material of an industrial storage container that was used as a catch box.

The huge slingshot achieves more than 206 fps with the 1" ball, and 350 fps with a half inch steel ball.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production!

Only in America :)

Wrist braced slingshots are illegal in Germany, and in several other countries too. But of course The Slingshot Channel must also cover this potentially strongest type of a rubber powered hand shooter! Therefore, the team went to Greenville, South Carolina, USA, in order to do things that would be a no-no in our German headquarters.

The ugly, clumsy, but very effective model shown in this video is based on a three ft long wooden plank, a handle, a forearm rest and a fork made from two round rods. This design protects the shooting hand and allows crazy amounts of rubber. With 195 cm of a draw length, this slingshot shoots the 1" steel ball at 206,8 fps (63 m/s), making it the strongest handheld one man operated slingshot ever shown on all of YouTube.

The momentum achievable by this record slingshot is -- in theory -- higher than the value most handguns can achieve. The .22, the 9mm, even the 357 SIG and the famous .45 ACP all have momentum lower values. Only the mighty .44 Magnum outperforms the slingshot, at least on paper.

But is it true? Can it be for real? This video puts that theory to a test. A large, heavy pendulum with a thick rubber mat in front of a steel plate is the proper test device. See how the handgus fare against the slingshot! You will be amazed by the outcome.

NOTE: Please don't get us wrong -- handguns achieve far higher energy levels and also the pressure per square inch is a lot higher. In terms of penetration, a slingshot has little chance against guns. We are NOT degrading guns whatsover. But for the sheer destruction, a slingshot is really good.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production.

3MIN News July 30, 2013: X-Ray Eclipse, Dead Zone, Earthquake Watch

Gulf Dead Zone:

Chandra Sees X-rays:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader From 1912?

Yes. The national intelligence has fallen that far.

The morons in West Philly can’t spell Cat.

At least 75% wouldn’t know the VP of the U.S. [See video below.]

More than 50% can’t add 5 + 5.

And 80% wouldn’t know when and why the Civil War was fought.


California beach goers think that Vice President Joe Biden is dead!

Stone Soup

"Are you shi**n' me? Stone soup again?!" -- Caveman
Bone Broth, a.k.a. Stone Soup

Bone broth is slow-simmered broth, made with bones.  Vegetables and/or vegetable scraps are also sometimes used, as is a shot of vinegar to help leach the minerals from the bones.  Bone broth is healthful and frugal.

Why make bone broth?  For starters, prepping can be expensive!  Being frugal makes prepping easier.  Bone broth can be “almost” free to make, from items that you don’t even realize that you have, hence the “Stone Soup” title.   Also, bone broth is chock-full of minerals and nutrients, which is always a good thing, but especially so if/when the “balloon goes up”, when staying healthy will be of the utmost importance.  It is great for stiff joints, and it is supposed to promote gut wellness.  In addition, bone broth is easy to make.


The easiest way to start making bone broth is to start saving bones and scraps.  I have numerous zip top bags in my freezer with various bones, meats, and vegetable scraps.  When they fill up, it’s time to make broth.  I also save veggies that are starting to “go south” in the vegetable scrap bag.  Nothing spoiled, mind you.  But it’s the perfect place for slightly limp vegetables that would otherwise be wasted.  When I prepare meals, I save the things most people throw away.  My biggest dilemma is deciding which scraps go to the freezer, and which scraps go to the chickens! 


So, place some bones in a pot, slow cooker, Dutch oven, etc.  I typically use my slow cooker, because it uses very little electricity and requires very little attention once set to cook.  Right this minute, I have about 3 pounds of beef marrow bones (two large bones that I purchased) in my 7-quart slow cooker, along with one large onion cut into chunks, some garlic scapes (just because I have them…otherwise I would have added 3-6 garlic cloves), and some celery, including the leaves.  I only have the purchased soup bones because they were a really good deal at the grocery store; less than a dollar per pound.  Normally, I use bones from roasts I’ve cooked, steaks I’ve grilled, or the like.  If I had a bag full of vegetable scraps in the freezer (I normally do, but I used them up earlier today to make fish bone broth and pork bone broth), I would use them instead of the chopped vegetables. I added a shot of white vinegar, maybe two tablespoons.  I don’t measure the vinegar, and honestly, sometimes I forget to add it.  It still works fine.  Vinegar is supposed to help draw out minerals from the bones, and it stands to reason that it should, but the broth will still be delicious and healthful if you don’t use it.  I have a few backyard chickens, so sometimes I throw in a few eggshells for the minerals they contain.  I turned the slow cooker to the Low setting for 10 hours (the maximum).  After about an hour, I will leave the lid slightly ajar, because my cooker runs a little hot.  The broth should barely bubble.  They say boiling damages the nutrients.  I don’t know about that, but it tastes better when it doesn’t boil.  Since it is evening, I will reset the slow cooker so it runs all night.  I am comfortable doing this; if you are not, only cook this during the day.  I normally cook beef bone broth all day AND all night. 

Simmer your bone broth for as many hours as you want.  Guidelines are anywhere from 2 hours to 72 hours, so obviously your mileage may vary.  I typically simmer fish broth for 3-6 hours, chicken for 6-12 hours, pork for 10-20 hours, and beef for 10-30 hours.  Taste it frequently, and when it’s really delicious, it’s done.

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Bone Broth Soup (Vegetable Soup):

 Soup Ingredients

1. Large pot of Bone broth
2. 2 Tablespoon sea salt
3. 3 Ribs of celery
4. 2 Large onions
5. 1 brocolli head
6. 4 Medium carrots

7. 4 Garlic cloves

8. ½ Teaspoon parsley
9. ½ Teaspoon black pepper

Bone Broth Soup Steps:

1. Pour your broth into a large pot (if it is not already in one)
2. Add in all of the spices and sea salt
3. Cut vegetables and mince garlic, then add them to the bone broth soup
4. Turn on to low to medium heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

(You can store this soup in your refrigerator for up to one week, just reheat the bone broth soup when ready to use)

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Repairing a Cast Iron Skillet

One of the very first pieces of kitchen equipment I purchased with my own money was a cast iron skillet. The above skillet is the same one that I bought almost six years ago. POOR POOR SKILLET!

As you can see, it has seen better days. Generally, if you treat your cast iron skillet well, it won’t get like mine above. But after a few moves and years of use (some improper), mine just got a bit worn. A few months ago I noticed that it was starting to rust pretty badly and by the time I got around to fixing the problem, my skillet was almost entirely rusted out!

Now, some people might say that this means I need a new skillet, but oh no. One of the awesome things about these skillets is that with a little work and a few hours, you can bring it back to almost better than new status.

I figured I’d snap some photos as I went so you can repair any skillets that need repairing.
In fact, if you don’t have a cast iron skillet, you can almost certainly find one at a garage sale if you search around a bit. It’ll probably look as bad if not worse than mine, but with these steps, you can bring it back into good shape.

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Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project At Major University

What if the government could change people's moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people's brains?

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this.

We were recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and "extremism" - or what could be called "the war of ideas."

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Folding Space-Time

Music box, backwards Bach, orbifolds and wooden bowl.

"Sometimes cutting through infinitely folded space time requires the use of power tools." -- Vihart

4MIN News July 29, 2013: Anomaly Solved, Phila Flood, Coronal Holes

Fearmongering by

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Arithmetic, Population and Energy: Sustainability 101 | Albert A. Bartlett

"Perhaps the most boring video you'll ever see, and definitely the most important." -- Albert A. Bartlett, Professor Emeritus in Nuclear Physics at University of Colorado at Boulder

~ ~ ~

Professor Bartlett has given his celebrated one-hour lecture, "Arithmetic, Population and Energy: Sustainability 101" over 1,600 times to audiences with an average attendance of 80 in the United States and world-wide. His audiences have ranged from junior high school and college students to corporate executives and scientists, and to congressional staffs. He first gave the talk in September, 1969, and subsequently has presented it an average of once every 8.5 days for 36 years. His talk is based on his paper, "Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis," originally published in the American Journal of Physics, and revised in the Journal of Geological Education.

Professor Al Bartlett begins his one-hour talk with the statement, "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

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Recommended Book The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It

1 Minute Grilled Cheese - Solar Cooking with a Parabolic Mirror or Concave Mirror | Green Power Science

Solar Cooking a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Denise Rojas from

Fat Global Warming: Foamy The Squirrel [NSFW]

[NSFW Language]

Are you fat? Then, according to recent studies, you're causing global warming... Wait, what!?

Edgy, pointy, heavy, lethal: Badass slingshot ammo PLUS MK2 Zombiehammer | Jörg Sprave

Round steel balls are the most common ammo for slingshots. And they can be very effective - as seen in the Zombie Go Boom special!

But there are even more effective ammo types you can use. See tungsten carbide balls, edgy chunks of steel bars, even sharpened steel cubes!

The test shots are made with the new model of the popular Zombie Hammer with Skull Ejector.

A tutorial that teaches you how to make the hammer can be found here:

A "The Slingshot Channel" production!

4MIN News July 28, 2013: Stereo Anomaly, Euro Heat, Spaceweather

 [Olympic hopefuls in Buggering the AG: williambanzai7William K. Black]

"The idea that the Attorney General of the United States of America would send such a letter to the representative of a foreign government, particularly Russia under the leadership of a former KGB official, was so preposterous that I thought the first news report I read about Attorney General Holder’s letter concerning Edward Snowden was satire. The joke, however, was on me. The Obama and Bush administrations have so disgraced the reputation of the United States’ criminal justice system that we are forced to promise KGB alums that we will not torture our own citizens if Russia extradites them for prosecution." -- William K. Black

George Zimmerman: The Lynching

Trayvon, with his hoodie up, grabs two items from the shelves of 7-11. One is the Skittles. The other is Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. The media avoid the name of the real drink -- possibly because of the racial implications of the word "watermelon," but possibly to avoid probing the real reason for Trayon's trip.

Trayvon, in fact, had become a devotee of the druggy concoction known as "Lean," also known in southern hip-hop culture as "Sizzurp" and "Purple Drank." Lean consists of three basic ingredients -- codeine, a soft drink, and candy. If his Facebook postings are to be believed, Trayvon had been using Lean since at least June 2011.

On June 27, 2011, Trayvon asks a friend online, "unow a connect for codien?" He tells the friend that "robitussin nd soda" could make "some fire ass lean." He says, "I had it before" and that he wants "to make some more." On the night of February 26, if Brandy had some Robitussin at home, Trayvon had just bought the mixings for one "fire ass lean" cocktail.

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"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Massive jailbreak near Benghazi – 1,182 convicts on the run

Prisoners from the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group seen before release from prison in Tripoli, Libya. (AP)

A total of 1,200 convicted criminals escaped from Kuayfia Prison, which is some ten kilometres to the east of Benghazi, at 4.30 this morning. They made their escape while a group of the prison’s 4,000 inmates were engaged in “civil disobedience,” according to spokesman for the Benghazi Joint Security Room, Mohamed Hejazi.

“Libyan Army Special Forces surrounded and secured the prison and other teams then started to search for the escapees,” Hejazi told the Libya Herald.

He said that just 18 of the escaped convicts had been caught, leaving 1,182 at large.

Kuayfia Prison houses both Libyan and sub-Saharan African prisoners. The escapees are serving sentences for a range of crimes, including murder, drug dealing and crimes of morality.

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It Is Happening Again: 18 Similarities Between The Last Financial Crisis And Today

If our leaders could have recognized the signs ahead of time, do you think that they could have prevented the financial crisis of 2008?  That is a very timely question, because so many of the warning signs that we saw just before and during the last financial crisis are popping up again.  Many of the things that are happening right now in the stock market, the bond market, the real estate market and in the overall economic data are eerily similar to what we witnessed back in 2008 and 2009. It is almost as if we are being forced to watch some kind of a perverse replay of previous events, only this time our economy and our financial system are much weaker than they were the last time around. We have been living so far above our means for so long that most of us actually think that our current economic situation is "normal."

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With the US raising their debt ceiling, are we in a global bail-out bubble that will eventually burst? This doc offers a fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the one still awaiting us.

The financial storm that has rocked the world began brewing in the US when congress pushed the idea of home ownership for all, propping up those who couldn't make the down payments. When it all went wrong the government promised the biggest financial stimulus packages in history and gargantuan bailouts. But what crazed logic is that: propping up debt with more debt? "They're giving alcohol to a drunk: it just sets him up for a bigger hangover."

MIT Admits Secret Role in Aaron Swartz Death

Aaron Swartz wasn’t some common criminal. His crime consisted of hacking into a multi-university digital library and releasing thousands of works of literary genius. The books, journals and other publications created one of the largest and most advanced collections of human intelligence in existence. But it was only available to the world’s wealthy or those connected to the most prestigious universities. Aaron Swartz was a crusader for open and free access to knowledge and reading materials. He understood that knowledge is power.


The details surrounding the death of 26 year-old genius inventor Aaron Swartz get more bizarre by the day. Days before the Obama administration was to release its secret files covering the persecution and prosecution of Swartz, the government and MIT sued to stop it. The university insists its employees will be in danger once the world finds out the role MIT played in the death of Aaron Swartz.

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Mussels, Clams and Shrimp in Spicy Broth


h/t Borepatch

Immortality: Are you sure you want to live forever?


What if immortality wasn't just the stuff of epic comic book stories? Is it scientifically possible to be immortal? In this series, Joy Lin tackles six superpowers and reveals just how scientifically realistic they can be to us mere mortals.

Lesson by Joy Lin, animation by Cognitive Media.


Dorian Gray

Upon arriving in London, the young and powerful Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes) becomes drawn into a world of debauchery and decadence by Lord Henry Wotton (Colin Firth). Desperate to preserve the beauty captured in his exquisite portrait, Dorian trades his soul for eternal youth -- leading him down a path of wickedness and murder in order to protect his horrifying secret.

Bushcraft Glue Making Pitch Sticks | Dave Canterbury

Departure Roulette

Your itinerary's fine, but we think a last minute change of plans is much more exciting. We found a few people at JFK Airport who'd agree. Would you play Departure Roulette?

4MIN News July 27, 2013: New View, Volcanos, Storms and Spaceweather

Climate Online Data:
IRIS First Light:

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Barnaby Jack, respected hacker of ATMs and medical devices, found dead
Jack had been due to speak at the 2013 Black Hat cyber security conference in Las Vegas next Thursday, August 1st. He was allegedly going to present a method of wirelessly hacking a pacemaker, potentially using it to deliver a high voltage shock and kill a patient with one implanted. He previously described the plausibility of hacking and weaponizing pacemakers in February, and demonstrating the ability to wirelessly hack insulin pumps as well. In 2010, Jack performed a demonstration at Black Hat of his clever, inconspicuous method of using a pre-programmed card to bypass the security software on a common ATM model made by the company Tranax, causing it to dump cash on stage. The technique, known as "Jackspotting," made news headlines around the world.

Barnaby Jack was 36.

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In today's video, AMTV investigates the possibility that elite programmer Barnaby Jack was murdered by the NSA. Jack was expected to reveal breaking new technology this week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas Nevada that would highlight a security breach in millions of pacemakers and insulin pumps worn by people around the world. We therefore ask the question, "Who had the most to gain by the elimination of Barnaby Jack?"

Optimum Physical Competence

If your goal is optimum physical competence then all the general physical skills must be considered:

1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance - The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.

2. Stamina - The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.

3. Strength - The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.

4. Flexibility - The ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.

5. Power - The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
6. Speed - The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.

7. Coordination - The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.

8. Agility - The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.

9. Balance - The ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.

10. Accuracy - The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

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CrossFit: What Is Fitness and Who Is Fit? (PDF 11 pages)


Eat The Weeds: Bunya Pine

In this video Green Deane shows you a pine relative that makes a huge edible nut, the Bunya Pine or Bunya Bunya. A native of Australia it has been exported around the world for hundreds of years.

How to Safely Internationalize Your Domain Name

Purchasing the domain name for your international internet business is an important step, one which will help support your brand and identify your business to your customers. Much attention is paid to the first part of the domain name, because it is generally assumed that the domain name will end in .com.

This is a terrible mistake.

As I have written before, where you register your domain name may land you in jail.

The US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency has used the fact that a US-based company acts as the administrator for all .com domains to claim jurisdiction over all websites ending in .com, regardless of where the actual website is located.

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Neuroscientists plant false memories in the brain

MIT study also pinpoints where the brain stores memory traces, both false and authentic.

In a step toward understanding how these faulty memories arise, MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can plant false memories in the brains of mice. They also found that many of the neurological traces of these memories are identical in nature to those of authentic memories.

“Whether it’s a false or genuine memory, the brain’s neural mechanism underlying the recall of the memory is the same,” says Susumu Tonegawa, the Picower Professor of Biology and Neuroscience and senior author of a paper describing the findings in the July 25 edition of Science.

The study also provides further evidence that memories are stored in networks of neurons that form memory traces for each experience we have — a phenomenon that Tonegawa’s lab first demonstrated last year.

Neuroscientists have long sought the location of these memory traces, also called engrams. In the pair of studies, Tonegawa and colleagues at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory showed that they could identify the cells that make up part of an engram for a specific memory and reactivate it using a technology called optogenetics.

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4MIN News July 26, 2013: NASA IRIS, Bees, Van Allen Acceleration

Mars Ocean:
Lake drying up:
Van Allen Probes:
Solar Silence:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks

A couple of hackers show off a series of nasty new attacks on cars—with Forbes' Andy Greenberg behind the wheel.

"Stomping on the brakes of a 3,500-pound Ford Escape that refuses to stop--or even slow down--produces a unique feeling of anxiety. In this case it also produces a deep groaning sound, like an angry water buffalo bellowing somewhere under the SUV's chassis. The more I pound the pedal, the louder the groan gets--along with the delighted cackling of the two hackers sitting behind me in the backseat.

"Luckily, all of this is happening at less than 5mph. So the Escape merely plows into a stand of 6-foot-high weeds growing in the abandoned parking lot of a South Bend, Ind. strip mall that Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have chosen as the testing grounds for the day's experiments..."

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Mark Twain, Patriot 1.5

h/t Jim Sinclair
Excerpt from Mark Twain’s Relevance Today by Gary Scharnhorst (University of New Mexico):

No one these days dares to impugn Mark Twain’s patriotism. On the contrary, I believe he set an example of patriotic dissent in his condemnation of military imperialism, a reminder that, despite the protests of spin doctors, political dissent is one of the highest forms of service to the nation. The “true citizenship,” the true patriotism, he insisted, “is to protect the flag from dishonor—to make it the emblem of a nation that is known to all nations as true and honest and honorable.”

In short, in the life and writings of Mark Twain we may discern some lessons for our own time: we should ridicule greed and hypocrisy, resist racial stereotypes, decry imperialism or interference in the affairs of other nations with every available tool, including humor. As Twain once wrote, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

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Hal Holbrook plays Mark Twain, expounding upon Man, "the reasoning animal."

The words in this scene come mostly from Twain's 1903 essay, "The Damned Human Race" and other essays, such as "Papers of the Adam Family".

The NSA's Asculum

The NSA just won their Congressional battle of Asculum. The House of Representatives voted down a proposal to strip them of their power to collect domestic data on American citizens without a warrant. The NSA won this clash of philosophies. The vote was 205 in favor of stripping them of their power, and 217 opposed.

A month ago the vote would have been 100 in favor and 323 opposed. A lot sure has happened in the last 30 days.

Like the Romans of 279 B.C. who learned to deal with the seemingly invincible War Elephants, bipartisan supporters of civil liberty have learned to deal with the "ZOMG why do you want to help terrorists attack us" argument. And so the NSA's defenders found themselves cut to pieces, even if they are left standing on the field of "victory".

As Pyrrhus could have told them, enjoy it while it's there. They won't see it again.

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Steampunk Oil Lamp



The Secret Card Safe

This is the Secret Card Safe. The last line in defense against prying eyes or criminals. All you will need to do this project yourself is a deck of cards, some scissors and some glue.

4MIN News July 25, 2013: NASA SVL, Tropical Storm, Spaceweather

Plankton Links: and and
Land Plant Fluorescence:
Indonesia Fires from Space:
Solar Max Fail:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Case for Bradley Manning, Whistleblower

 "PRAY" Tatoo on Bradley Manning Guard - Photo NYTimes

Amidst courtroom secrecy, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning is on trial after three years of confinement.

The information that Bradley gave to the public has been a catalyst for pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, exposed the unjust detainment of innocent people at Guantanamo Bay, shown us the true human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and changed journalism forever.

There is no evidence that anyone died as a result of the leaked information, yet Bradley faces life in prison or possibly death. The greatest charge against him is that of “aiding the enemy,” a capital offense. As the public who benefited from this information, does that make us the enemy? What price will future whistleblowers pay?

Bradley Manning FOB Hammer Facilities - PHOTOS, GRAPHICS

 Ruling Denies Manning Aided the Enemy Dismissal (PDF)


It's time to stop the war on whistle-blowers. | #iambradleymanning

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