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Off-Grid Living Experience - 7 Days: No Electricity, Water or Gas

I'm sharing my Off-grid living experience. I turned off the city water, natural gas and grid power. In spite of all my preparing for the last two years I feel very apprehensive about that I'm going to experience with this off grid living experience. I'm videoing and going to share each day with you for seven days. You'll see the good, bad and probably the ugly. I'm sharing what isn't and is working. My goal is to get bettered prepared and help you do the same. Wish me luck. Here I go.


- DIY Solar Panel System Playlist :

Off-Grid Living Experience - Day 2: I Need Help! I had one very alarming surprise at about 4:15 a.m. that made me sit straight up in bed. I use my electric water pump for the first time to water the gardens and flower beds and with much help from neighbors and from the crew at BZ solar charge controllers I got my solar panels up and the charge controllers working. If you know how to charge a solar panel battery bank using a generator please let me know. I am learning a lot about how much work it takes to be without all the comforts of grid power and water and what I need to do to be better prepared before that happens.


- Mittleider Gardening Method Playlist:

- Rainwater Collection System Playlist:

- Berkey Water Filter & Purification:

- DIY Solar Panel System Playlist:

Off Grid Living Experience - Day 3: "What Is Plan B?" What a day! What I was afraid would happen did. It was frustrating that all my well thought out preps didn't work as I had planned. It was a humbling day. But, it turned out to be one of the best days because of what I learned. It isn't a day I would want to repeat. But it was a day I'm glad I had.


- Generator Conversion Kit: Way Cool!:

- How To Prepare for Any Disaster Part 2: Multi Fuel Generator:

- Backwoods Solar:

Off-Grid Living Experience - Day 4: What A Great Day. I share how I prepare meals and what I am eating. It rained yesterday and during the night so the garden got watered. The sun came out which helped the solar panels to charge the battery bank, but not completely. I test a mini refrigerator to see if I can save power instead of using the full size side-by-side refrigerator/freezer.

Off-Grid Living Experience - Huge Resource List - Days 5 & 6: Off-grid living is not what I expected and I am learning a lot. I share how I take care of my body waste, what happened with my battery bank, how I cooled down the house and a huge list of preparedness resources from the LDS Spring & Houston North stakes emergency preparedness fair. Since day 6 was Sunday and Mother's day I spent the majority of the day away from home. I had no report worthy events happen that day so I have nothing to report for day 6. Make sure you check out the huge preparedness resource list below.


- LDS Preparedness Fair Resource List:

Off-Grid Living Experience - Day 7: Is there any water left in the 275 gallon water totes? Did the solar panel battery bank get completely recharged? And most importantly did I get the dishes washed? What is it like on the last day of this off grid living experience? Watch and find out.


- Berkey Water Filter Video Playlist:

- Rainwater Collection System Video Playlist:

- DIY Solar Power System Video Playlist:

- The Mittleider Gardening Course:

- Mittleider Natural Mineral Fertilizer:

- Mittleider Facebook Group:
Off-Grid Living Experience - Final Thoughts & Resource List: My off-grid living experience is over, for now. But I learned a lot! Thank you so much for all your great comments and recommendations. I share my final thoughts and links to items I found useful during my off-grid time. I have already made some purchases and started making changes so the next trial will work better. See the resource list below for more info.


- Natural Gas & Propane Kit for Portable Gas Generator:

- Natural Mineral Fertilizers:

- The Mittleider Gardening Course:

- Berkey Water Filter video & Review:


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