Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventure Motorcycling with Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber of Crossfit - Go South - Episode 7: Bolting for Colombia


The CrossFit Journal -- (http://journal.crossfit.com)

It's Day 50 of Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber's journey from the U.S. to Chile, and they're at a Kawasaki dealership in Panama City, Panama, to service their motorcycles in preparation for air shipment to Colombia.

Roughly 40 minutes afterward, the duo notices a problem: the rear brake on Sherwood's bike is no longer attached. After a verbal tongue lashing from CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff member Adriana Roquer, the Kawasaki mechanics arrive to fix the shoddy work. They actually have more repairs than they anticipated due to other loose parts and several missing bolts.

"Not just, like, one bolt ... there was tons of stuff and we're just a driving disaster waiting to happen," says Sherwood, who shortly afterward gives the dealership the finger.

After the short flight to Colombia, it's on to Fuerza CrossFit in Medellin.

There, Luis Giraldo explains that he wasn't thinking of "making money" when he opened his affiliate but rather wanted to create a special place. Once a week, Giraldo and a handful of other affiliate owners and trainers meet to work out together. Giraldo tells Sherwood that the coaches have their differences but put them aside to focus on what CrossFit can do in Latin America and Colombia. "How badass," Sherwood says.

Plus, see what happens when CrossFit Inc.'s Chantel Jimenez receives a surprise video proposal from her boyfriend while she visits CrossFit HQ.

Video by Heber Cannon, Jon Gilbert and Ian Wittenber.

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