Thursday, October 17, 2013

Antibiotic-Resistance: A Discussion with Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Interviewer: The topic of our discussion should be antibiotic-resistance. We have to do something about it, otherwise we're going to have a huge antibiotic-resistance pandemic.

Ada Yonath: My hypothesis is even worse than yours. I think that two, three decades and we come back to the middle of last century, before antibiotics.

~ ~ ~

We should all be worried by the growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and we urgently need to develop new drugs, says Ada Yonath

She and Brian Kobilka won Nobel Prizes for using x-ray crystallography to understand cell structures that are vital targets for drug development. 

In this film, three researchers challenge the structural approach and propose alternative ways to find drugs; some cutting edge, such as computation, and some ancient, such as searching for chemicals deep in the rain forest. 

What is the best way forward? Or is a combination of techniques the most promising approach?