Friday, October 25, 2013

MSM Reports Death Of Congressman Beforehand ?!? | MaKaElectric

VR To - Fox News Wrongly Reports Death

Near the top of her new daytime Fox News show The Real Story today, Gretchen Carlson reported that Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) had died at the age of 82. There's just one problem: he hasn't.

It wasn't until two segments and nearly 20 minutes later that Carlson issued her on-air correction, telling viewers she was "sorry to report" that her team had gotten the story wrong and Rep. Young is still alive. "Hopefully that won't happen again," she said.

False Death Report Dated 10/17

Press Release On Death 10/18

Thousands Mourn US Rep Bill Young

Glitch Caused Tweet About Retirement

NRCC Polling District Ahead Of Funeral

Charlie Crist To Stay Away From Funeral

2 Soldiers Shot At Millington Naval Base

4 AF Officers Punished Over Nuke Rules

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