Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 075 10/19/2013 | MaKaElectric

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Mistrial Declared In Christopher Grisham Case

Texans To Raise Rifles High At Alamo Rally

Texans Are Reopening Parks All Across State

SF Union Square Reopens After Bomb Scare

Second Dry Ice Explosion At LA Airport

Sandy Hook School To Be Melted Down

Obama DHS Pick Major Democratic Donor

US Forces Experience Unprecedented Shake Up

US Government Preparing For Power Grid Down

House Stenographer Explains Her Outburst

Former Hillary Associate Claims Was Hit Man

Obama Says Stop Focusing On The Bloggers

Oreos Can Be Just As Addictive As Drugs

There Is No Actual Debt Ceiling Right Now

US Debt Jumps A Record $328B To Top $17T

GM Executive Warns Of Impending Auto Bubble

McCain Says Defund Obamacare Was Deception

Michelle Obama Staff Costs Taxpayers $1.4M

Queen Elizabeth Pay Raise To Buy More Hats

Obama Secretly Signing Away US Sovereignty

NSA Collects Millions Of Address Books Globally

NC Cop Charged In Shooting Of Former Player

Off-Duty Deputy Attempts To Arrest Soldier At Bar

Suspension Of Student Who Drew Bomb Lifted

School Used Laptop Cams To Spy On Students

Gov Creating Conditions To Impose Martial Law

Role Players Help Troops Train For Riot Control

352 Weapons Destroyed In Latest Gun Melt

US Senate Strongly Rejects UN Arms Treaty

Afghanistan Agreement On Troops Post 2014

North Korea Poised For Missile Test

Israeli Twitter Following Iranian Porn Twitter

Mag 7.2 Quake Hits Philippines Killing 82

Mag 6.8 Quake Hits Papua New Guinea

Typhoon Wipha Pounds Japan Killing 17

Typhoon Francisco Hits Guam Japan On Alert

Storm In SD Leaves 100K Cattle Dead

Mass Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists

Fireball Spotted Over Northern Scotland

Comet Spacecraft To Awake From Hibernation

Big Asteroid Buzzes Past Earth 09/2013

Strange Cloud In Space After Missile Launch

18-Foot Oarfish Found Off Coast Of Catalina

Nancy Pelosi Joins Women's Hall Of Fame

FL Woman Trespassing On Drawbridge

War In Harlem As Pastors Want Sharpton Out

Arnold Lobbies For White House Run

More Takers For Mars Than Obamacare

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Fracking Protests In Canada By Skybirdbird

Open Revolt The Solution By Charlie Mcgrath

9/11 Conspricacy In The Long Kiss Goodnight

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