Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 076 10/26/2013 | MaKaElectric

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 076 10/26/2013

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Massachusetts Teen Kills Teacher With Box Cutter

Washington 11 YO Brings Gun And Ammo To School

Utah Police Arrest Man Who Drove Up Capitol Steps

Mom Killed In DC Thought She Was Being Stalked

Pilot David Black Killed Fighting NSW Bushfires

Fuel Cars Derail And Explode West Of Edmonton

US To Be Top Oil Producer In 5 Years Report Says

White House Fires Twitter Critic Jofi Joseph

US Army Threatens Christian Soldiers With Brig

Obama Wants Marines To Wear Girly Hats

FDA Seeks Pet Owner Help On Dangerous Treats

Gunboats Seen Patrolling In Eden Isles Louisiana

Thousands Get Insurance Cancellation Notices

Obamacare Wipes Out More Than 1 Million Plans

Obama Raising Money Off Website Problems

Penalty Can't Be Enforced Unless You Get A Refund

Federal Workers Owe $3.5B In Back Taxes

Tax Refunds Delayed Due To Government Shutdown

Cut To Food Stamps Coming 11/01/2013

US Spent $3.7T On Welfare Over Last 5 Years

Help Wanted In Fukushima Low Pay High Risks

Titanic Violin Fetches Record Price At Auction

Obama Readies Military For Gun Confiscation

Homeland Security Hiring $80M In Armed Guards

COD To Build Second DHS Training Facility

Tampa To Become Epicenter Of Special Ops

St Cloud Police Unveil Military Vehicle For SWAT

Taiwanese Gov Special Forces Clone Army

Student Banned From Writing About God As Hero

Doctors Note Needed For Packed School Lunch

Feds Sued For Hiding Spying From Defendants

Scare Mail To Confuse NSA With Nonsense

FBI Intimidating Sandy Hook Residents Into Silence

What Do Sandy Hook Investigators Have To Hide

TSA Pre-Check Program Blasts Forward

UC Davis Pepper-Spray Officer Awarded $38K

Huge Explosion Rocks Syria Causing Blackout

Saudi Arabia Severs Ties With US Over Syria

New $7B US NAVY Warship Ready To Set Sail

Time Iran Would Need To Make Uranium Is Short

US Drone Strikes Could Be Classed War Crimes

Sun Erupts With One-Two Punch X Flares

Tsunami Hits Japan Coast After Powerful Quake

No Tsunami After 6.8 Mag Quake Hits Off Mexico

6.7 Mag Quake East Of South Sandwich Islands

Japan Test-Fires Asteroid Space Cannon

Strange Radar Blob Over Huntsville Was Mil Test

Geoengineering Of Oceans Legal With Permit

The Worlds Oceans Are Now Broken

Legal Paper Maps Out Plan To Abolish Porn

$60 An Hour Squeezes At Snuggle House

Blue Glowing Starpath Future Of Street Lighting

NASA Beams Laser At Moon Sets Data Record

Dick Cheney Had A Terrorist Proof Pacemaker

Neuroscientist Now Able To Eavesdrop On Brain

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Women Of Saudi Arabia

A True Hero Ren By TheShowmebby

GridEx II Exercise By Freedom4Kaz

Operation Give Back By WeAreChange

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