Monday, February 10, 2014

Ex-federal official raises concerns over terror attack on power grid

What Cities Would Look Like Without Any Lights -

A retired federal regulator has gone public with concerns that a gun attack on a Northern California electrical substation may have been a dress rehearsal for a larger assault on the U.S. power grid aimed at blacking out much or all of America.

Jon Wellinghoff, ex-chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, told The Wall Street Journal that such an attack would likely only need to target a few substations to cause blackouts in most or all of the country.

Wellinghoff described the April 16 attack on the Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation's transmission substation at Metcalf, Calif. as "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred."

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On October 27th, 2013, National Geographic aired a docu-drama entitled "American Blackout." It simulated what would happen to our country, its economy and its people if a cyber attack shut down the nation's electric power distribution system known as "the grid."

As the movie makes clear, in just 10 days, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, vast destruction of property occurred and societal breakdown was underway.

Is such an horrific scenario a real possibility? Could the grid, in fact, be taken down in other ways that would deny the nation electrical power for far longer than 10 days? If so, what would be the consequences?

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