Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Make Daikon Flower Garnish | How to Make Sushi

How To Carve Edible Garnish Flowers Out Of Daikon Radish

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In this video tutorial you will see how to turn a daikon vegetable into a beautiful edible garnish that you can display on a sushi platter to make your food look even more amazing, or you can include use this edible garnish on many other food dishes, for example this would look stunning semi submerged in a soup dish so the flower cress is sticking out of the liquid.

To make this you first chop a daikon into a block 15cm thick (6 inches) and then peel it, after which you use a very sharp knife to slice a 1mm thick sheet of the daikon stretching out to be about 35cm (14 inches) long. once you have cut the daikon sheet you fold it in half and make 3-5 mm wide incessionas at a 45º angle across the entire length but only going in half the width of the sheet, after making these cuts you roll it up and it's done.

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