Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Make Lard

You will need:
  • Polyface Pork fat (these come in 5 lb bags)  [I wish Polyface Farms was closer so that I could use their superior pork, but ultimately, any pork fat will do.]
  • A Crock pot (a 4-qt holds 5 lbs of fat – very convenient huh?)
  • Strainer or cheese cloth or slotted spoon
  • Clean container to store your lard in (I use wide-mouth quart jars)
  1. Thaw the lard. I usually set mine in the sink overnight. Put it into your crockpot. Turn your crockpot to LOW and let it sit all day until all of the fat is melted and appears clear.
  2. Pour it through your strainer or cheese cloth, or pull out the chunks of fat that are left. If you want to, you can fry these for cracklin’s. I disposed of mine.
  3. Pour the lard into your containers, let them cool just a bit, then refrigerate it. It will keep almost indefinitely in the fridge.
Viola! You have made lard! It will harden in the fridge turning a beautiful white.

Uses for lard:

Use it for frying or sauteing anything – anytime you need an oil, just use the lard – try my fried chicken recipe. It will “wow” your family and guests.

Use it in place of shortening in recipes. It’s much healthier for you. Pie crusts are excellent made with lard.

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