Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Terror Alert As Tyranny Thickens | MaKaElectric

The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday told airlines about a potential new shoe-bomb threat and urged them to pay extra attention to flights from overseas into the United States.

Several officials familiar with the advisory told NBC News that "very recent intelligence" considered credible warns of possible attempts to attack passenger jets using explosives concealed in shoes.


Banker Jumps From JPM Headquarters

Alert At Least 20 Bankers Are Now Dead

Soros Doubles Bet On S&P 500 To $1.3B

License Plate Reader Company Sues Utah

DHS Seeking National License Plate Tracking

Calls For Government To End Ukraine Violence

Venezuela Twitter Blocked After Students Killed

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Obamacare Is 'Just Part Of Growing Up' WTF?!

FCC To Now Look Into Media Decision Making

Obama Admin Putting Monitors In Newsrooms?

SC State Agency Flies US Flag Upside Down

Ranger Up DTOM Hat

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After driving to Laredo, and giving my fingerprints to the state , voluntarily. (for bonding issues) I had to be asked if i was an American almost 100 miles inland from the border.... I went to the border today. Did not mess with one agent. Until they stopped me for driving up I 35 n. Video does not show that they had 8 Border patrol around my vehicle before I drove off. I do not have to answer those questions while traveling. If DHS border patrol did their job right. I would not have to answer these questions. This is America. I am not a citizen. I am American. Born FREE!

Citizens are slave to the state. I am born American.......