Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Panda Sushi Roll - Amazing Food Art | How to Make Sushi

Video recipe how to make the panda sushi roll.

How to cook sushi rice:

In this video recipe you will see how to make the panda sushi roll from start to finish, so if you have ever asked yourself the question, how do I cook food that looks like art? this video will answer that question, assuming of course you consider a picture of a panda made of rice and tuna in a maki sushi, food art.

Video Content:
0:07 Preparing and Marinating Sushi Grade Tuna
0:46 How to Make Green Sushi Rice
1:39 Preparing Tuna Nori Packets
2:35 Assembling the Panda Face Maki Roll
5:01 Assembling the Green Outer layer
6:44 Cutting the Panda Sushi Roll
7:19 Chef Devaux Talking at the End

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