Friday, February 7, 2014

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

[One of my favorite actors has died... tragically. - c]

Philip Seymour Hoffman was at the peak of his career and seemingly had so much to live for when he died.

The following is how the New York Times described what was found in his apartment…
Detectives found dozens of small packages in the West Village apartment where Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor, died on Sunday. Most were branded, some with purple letters spelling out Ace of Spades, others bearing the mark of an ace of hearts. At least five were empty, and in the trash.
Each of the packages, which can sell for as little as $6 on the street, offered a grim window into Mr. Hoffman’s personal struggle with a resurgent addiction that ultimately, the police said, proved fatal. And the names and logos reflect a fevered underground marketing effort in a city that is awash in cheap heroin.
According to the Daily Mail, the Ace of Spades brand of heroin “is responsible for close to 100 deaths from New Hampshire to Washington State – including 37 in Maryland since September.”

It is suspected that the heroin that killed Hoffman was laced with a deadly narcotic known as Fentanyl.

[Hoffman was 46.]

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