Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 092 02/15/2014 | MaKa Electric

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Court Tosses California Concealed Weapons Rules

Connecticut Massive State-Wide Civil Disobedience

California Owner Foils Home Invasion Firing Shotgun

Gun Control Activist Forgot He Was Carrying At School

Train Derails In Vandergrift Pennsylvania On 02/13/2014

Another Train Derails In Jacksonville Florida 02/11/2014

Bobsledder Breaks Through Bathroom At Sochi Olympics

We’re Spying On You In The Shower Says Russian Official

US Recall Of Nearly 9M Pounds Of Meat Not Fully Inspected

President Obama Says "I Can Do Whatever I Want" 02/10

Dow Jumps Nearly 130 Points To End Over 16K On Week

MN Warning Stocks Will Collapse By Over 50% In 2014 ?!?

Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate 401K / IRA ?!

Another Banker Dies Fifth Banker To Die In Last 2 Weeks

Michelle Obama's Dress Cost Around $12K / GLP Thread

Obamacare Sign-Ups Jump To 3.3M Out Of 313.9M LMAO

Lawmaker Says The President Has Lied Again And Again

Seeing Green Colorado $1.2M Marijuana Taxes In A Month

Rand Paul Now Suing Obama / NSA Over 4Th Amendment

The NSA’s Secret Role In The US Assassination Program?

Utah State Legislators Now Move To Kill NSA Data Center

RoboCop Playbook NYPD Fights Crime With Google Glass

50 Bloomberg Mayors Quit After Gun Confiscation Leaked

Americans Killed By Cops Outnumber Those Killed In War?

US Judge Figured Out Obama Using DHS As Private Army

DHS To Purchase 75.1M Rounds Of Ammunition This Year

Bosnia Demonstrators Set Fire To The Presidential Palace

Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas NOT Welcome In Restaurant

Scanner Traffic - California Highway Patrol Cuffs Firefighter

US Drone-Killing Citizen Overseas Suspected Of Terrorism

Gov Ordering Drone Strikes Based On Cell Phone Location

Email Shows Effort To Shield Bin Laden Photos But Why ?!

US Troops Getting Fed Up With Risky Afghanistan Strategy

585K Without Power As Catastrophic Storm Hits Northeast

80 MPH Gales Prolong Britain's Misery (Must See Photos)

Indonesian Volcano Erupts Killing 3 And Grounding Flights

Large Boulder Smashes French Alps Tourist Train Killing 2

Very Loud Mysterious Boom Rattles Maryland 02/07/2014

Maine Man Records Mysterious Fireball In Sky 02/13/2014

Sinkhole Swallows Pricey Corvettes At Hallowed Museum

Bold Prediction Intelligent Alien Life To Be Found By 2040

Woman Opened Fire At McDonald's Drive-Thru Window?

Newlywed Dies In Cliff-Jump Accident Utah National Park

Central Virginia Congregation Worships In The Nude ?!

Man With Flower Pot Wields Chainsaw During Robbery

McGruff Gets 16 Years For Pot And Grenade Launcher

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