Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 090 02/01/2014 | MaKa Electric

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White Powder Found At Hotels Near Site Of Super Bowl

Florida Teen Faces Bioterrorism Charges In New Jersey

Russian Teen Found Possessing WMD In Pennsylvania

Once In A Generation Winter Storm Descends On South

Fake Snow Videos In Multiple States Show Strange Snow

Real Snow In Upstate NY 01/30/2014 By Tomahawk1775

600 Sick Passengers / Crew On Royal Caribbean Cruise

TransCanada Pipeline Explosion Shuts Off Gas For 4,000

Deadly Mall Shooting In Suburban Baltimore 01/25/2014

Moms For Action After Mall Shooting Call For Gun Control

92 Nuclear Officers Implicated In Cheating Scandal? BS!

Heads Up Yahoo Email Users Change Your Passwords

DOW Stocks Fall And End Worst January In Many Years

Matt Drudge Issues Warning Says Have An Exit Plan ?!?

Donald Trump Tells Americans Prep For Financial Ruin

Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals 01/28/2014

China Halts Transfers At Citi / Other Banks Says Report

Wall Street Adviser Says Actual Unemployment 37.2%

Farm Bill Deal Reached Cuts SNAP By $800M Per Year

Mystery Fee Of $9.84 Appearing On Bank Statements?!

Need Some Extra Cash? Get Paid To Get The Flu! Huh?

Queen Down To Last $1.6M In Reserve After Overspend

Two Top American Bankers Commit Suicide In London

Jay Carney Says Obama Will Bypass Congress In 2014

Boehner Now Warning Obama About Executive Orders

Drones Over Upstate NY A Look At An FAA Test Site

Indiana House Comittee Now Passes Ban On Drones

Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps

National Security Agency Targets Kids With NSA.Gov

Texas Veterans Illegally Arrested And Guns Confiscated

Lawmakers Consider Preventing Marriage In Oklahoma

Monsanto BT-Toxins Found To Kill Human Embryo Cells

Chocolate Flavored Fluoride Toothpaste Is Here YAY !!!

Harvard Professor Warns Of Massive China / Japan War

Secretary Of State Kerry Issued New Threats Against Iran

US Strike In Somalia Targets Suspected Militant Leader

US Weapons Shipped To Syrian Rebels After Approval

Robots Now To Replace Troops On The Battlefield ?!?

Group Claims Vacancies At NWS Endanger The Public

Dead Whales A Message The Entire World Should See

90 Farting Cows Cause Shed To Explode In Germany?

Blood Of Pope Paul II Stolen In Possible Satanic Theft

Official Reports Claim Boy Walked Backwards Up Wall

78% Of Women Want BOTOX For Valentine's Day ?!?

Ohio Woman Wants To Legally Change Name To Sexy

Moon Astronaut Admits Obama Could Be An Alien ?!?

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