Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 093 02/22/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Viking Apocalypse Predicts World Will End Today

Co-Pilot Hijacks Ethiopian Airlines Flies To Geneva

Commander Relieved After Sub Ball Adult Fundraising

Ex-Navy SEALs Found Dead On Captain Phillips Ship

Smoke Billows From St Louis Area Radioactive Landfill

Tons Of Dried Eggs Recalled Over Salmonella Worries

Wyoming House Passes Bill To Arm School Teachers

Texas Groups Call For Bans Of Less Lethal In Schools

Connecticut Gov Offer Of Limited Amnesty To Owners

Newspaper Calls For 100K Residents To Be Arrested

Company To Beam Free Wi-Fi To Earth From Space

Linksys 'The Moon' Spreading From Router To Router

US Economy Is On Schedule To Crash 03/04/2014?!?

DHS Agent Reveals US To Collapse Within 6 Weeks?

Ukraine Pres Agrees To Early Poll / S&P Downgrades

Capital One Makes House Calls Says They Just Can

US Wages Are At Stand Still While Food Prices Rise

Higher Gas Prices On The Way What You Need Know

Back Surgery Denied After Switching To Obamacare

Patients With Pre-Existing To Face Expensive Drugs

Innocent Deaf Man Was Beaten By California Police

Man Trying To Stop Fight Killed By Oklahoma Police

Georgia Kid 17 Holding Wii Remote Killed By Police

LAPD Goes To Israel Falls In Love With Surveillance

DHS Contracted To Buy 704M Rounds Over 4 Years

Insider Says DHS Purchased 6B Rounds And Not 1.6

Blood And Blanks Schools Stage Active Shooter Drills

Mom Says Active Shooter Drill Has Traumatized Child

White House Says No More Public Info On Drone Kills

Mad Portland Residents Wave Pitchforks And Torches

AL-CIA-DA Stronger Now Than Have Been In 8 Years

Evidence Of Crimes Against Humanity In North Korea

Obama On Kiev Violence Will Be Sum Consequences

57 War Ships Off East Coast EMP? Nukes? Invasion?

Kerry "Climate Change Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

Kerry Generates CO2 On Trip About Climate Change

Newt Gingrich Calls On John Kerry To Resign LMAO

US Orders Power Grid To Prepare For Solar Storms

Monster Asteroid Passes Earth Year After Explosion

Loud Booms Cause Damage Near Guthrie Oklahoma

Coventry Baffled By Mystery Independence Day Noise

Mag 6.7 Quake SE Crab Hill St Lucy Barbados 02/18

Bizarre Cluster Of Severe Birth Defects In Washington

BP Dolphins Suffering Miscarriage And Lung Disease

South Carolina Woman Jailed Over Overdue Video?!

Pennsylvania Woman Admits Being Craigslist Killer?

Packs Of Chihuahuas Running Loose In Phoenix Hood

Pizza Hut Worker Fired After Video Of Sink Urination

George Zimmerman Flees Miami After Death Threat

School Board Official Live TV Bizarre Islam Message

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