Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 091 02/08/2014 | MaKaElectric

US Bans All Liquids On Flights To And From Russia

Sochi Officials Order Stray Dogs Killed Ahead Of Olympics

Military Training Exercise Will Take Over Savannah Skies

Minimal Damage From New Mexico Nuclear Repository Fire

UK Employees Ordered Stay Home Amid High Rad Levels

82K Tons Of Coal Ash Spill From Plant Into N Carolina River

FAA Examines Part That Fell Through Home (Broken Plane)

Beer Delivery Drone Operations Being Grounded By FAA

NAVY Now Opens Inquiry Into Cheating In Reactor Training

Polls Are In Americans Have Spoken Deport Justin Bieber

Stocks Plunge On Poor US Factory Data Dow Drops 300+

JP Morgan Loses 44% Of Gold Inventories In Just 4 Days?

Ben Bernanke Leaves Fed Balance Of $4,102,138,000,000

Jack Lew Says US Default Could Happen Quickly Huh ?!?

Largest Danish / Swedish Banks To Boycott Israeli Banks

Financial World Shaken By 4 Banker Suicides In A Week

Dell Computer Layoffs This Week 15K To Hit Says Report

Radio Shack To Close 500 Stores Being Stuck In The 80s

FYI - Bank Of Oklahoma Service Disruption 02/15 ~ 02/16

Obama Uses Executive Orders For New Gun Control Laws

ALERT - DHS / Craft International Now Training Texas Cops

Dallas Police Shot Unarmed Man Holding Hands In The Air

Gov Punishes 11YO Selling Cupcakes Without Permission

You Can’t Celebrate America Colorado High School Says?

California Co Builds Android Robocops To Control Crime?

Wood Burning Stove Ban Consequences For Rural People

UK Enforces Law Which Bans Public From Criticising Gov

FYI - North Korea Now Preparing For Another Missile Test

Ukraine Protests McCain Warns US Could Act Over Russia

Obama’s Brother Joins Hamas Says Jerusalem Is Ours ?!?

Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow 6 More Weeks Of Winter

Texas To Maine Snow And Ice Hits More Than 100 Million

More Than 200,000 Without Power Following Winter Storm

CA Cuts Water To Agencies Serving Millions Amid Drought

'Cloud Seeding' Under Way Over El Dorado County WTF?!

Temp Swings Make This Winter Ripe For Rare Frost Quakes

Wow! Stunning Electric Blue Flames Erupt From Volcanoes

Many Dead In Indonesia Volcano Sinabung Deadly Eruption

Family Car Disappears Down 30 Foot Sinkhole In Driveway

Mystery Of 400 Dead Dolphins Found On North Peru Coast

USAF Plans To Pull Plug On Controversial HAARP Facility?

Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill George Bush

Woman Tries To Poison Husband With Feces IV Drip WTF?

Missing Children Rescued From Super Bowl Sex Trade?

New England Zombie Bees Now Discovered In Vermont

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MVP Interrupted By Man Calling For 9/11 Probe

MVP Interrupted By Man Calling For 9/11 Probe / Video

Matt Mills On Crashing Super Bowl To Investigate 9/11

Rest In Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman =0(

Philip Seymour Hoffman IMDB

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