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UPDATED - Whistleblower: Comet Linear Debris Could Strike Major Cities, Nations Preparing | BPEarthWatch

Earth's Path through Comet Linear's Debris Field

We all have front row tickets!


  • The Earth is moving forward at 67,000 MPH. 
  • It will take 30 hours to pass through Comet Linear's debris field. 

Interview with Whistleblower, Michael. 
  • Super. Volcano. Under. Water. Magma. Chambers.
  • Debris Could Strike Major Cities, Nations Preparing
  • Effects of Comet Linear's Debris Field

Now Showing at 3 degrees N of Comet Linear

  Interview with Whistleblower, Michael.  [part 2]

  • Pressure waves from the center of the galaxy
  • The shaking of the Earth models a 5-month-long earthquake

  Video begins @ [03:08] Comet Linear's Debris Field is Over 2 Million Miles Wide [embedding disabled]

UPDATE:  23-24-May-2014

[Perihelion Date=2014 May 6.32; Period=5.10 years]

Kinoshita and Nakano have independently published predictions for the 2014 apparition. Both stated that the comet would pass perihelion on 2014 May 6.32. However, the most exciting aspect of this apparition will not be the comet, but the possibility of a strong meteor shower from the comet. In P. Jennisken's 2006 book Meteor Showers and Their Parent Comets, a prediction is published from E. Lyytinen stating that Earth would encounter dust from this comet on the 2014 May 24, adding that the dust was released by the comet during the 1800s and 1900s. Lyytinen said a dozen or more meteors per hour might be observed. During October 2012, J. Verbaillon examined this event in more detail. He noted that all dust trails ejected by this comet between 1803 and 1924 would fall in the path of Earth in May 2014 and suggested the "shower might well be a storm." Verbaillon added that North America would be best suited for this event.

Interview with Whistleblower, Michael.  [part 3]

Large Debris Field Crashes Thru the Asteroid Belts 

"It could be here before May."

Comet Linear's 2.1 million mile wide debris field. (The bright objects in this image are stars. The cloud is the debris field.)

Comet Linear's Giant Debris Field/NEW IMAGES  [embedding disabled]

Where is NASA??

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