Monday, March 10, 2014

Flight of a DJI Phantom FC40 Quadracopter (AKA Drone, UAV, UAS, etc) | Caleb Clark

I engage the auto home fail safe feature on a DJI Phantom FC40 quadracopter and record its arrival and landing. True to the software and manual, the copter thinks for a bit after the Auto Home is initiated, then it gets to 60 feet high, comes over the take off point, and slowly comes down in a slow sort of searching corkscrew path.

The most fascinating part is how it lands without fancy proximity cameras or, that I know of, range finders. I believe it only "knows" where the ground is after slowing way down within a few feet (from the GPS home point altitude I guess) it waiting until it hits the ground once. Then the software kicks in another program that slowly lands it with a few tentative bounces and shuts it off. I think it can do it all with a simple accelerometer and good code.