Thursday, March 13, 2014

Putin Redefines 21st Century Warfare

Vladimir Putin beat republican congressman, Dana Rohrbacher at arm-wrestling match with his 'unbelievable' muscles. Daily MailGeneral News Sep 15, 2013 via Daily Mail

Molly K. McKew and Gregory A. Maniatis’s recent op-ed in the Washington Post is worth a read. The authors wisely observe that Putin’s aggression in Crimea—like in Georgia in 2008—reflects the future of great power conflict. Putin is not playing some sort of 19th-century geopolitical game, they argue, but rather he is “redefining 21st-century warfare”:
…Putin is no longer bound by the constraints of nation-state warfare. Years of confrontations with separatists, militants, terrorists and stateless actors influenced his thinking. In Crimea, Putin debuted a pop-up war—nimble and covert—that is likely to be the design of the future.

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