Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Salvaged Tiny Home Studio: Tin Can Siding, Paper Bag Wallpaper


"In Maryland, we had a 3,500 sq ft house, seven entrance doors, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, massive, massive kitchen. I'd periodically have anxiety attacks that I'd have to resign." --  Phoenix

On a standard-sized lot in Portland, Oregon, self-taught builders Jeff and Brad built two tiny cottages using mostly salvaged materials. Each home is 364 square feet and with gabled roofs and front porches match the Victorian and Craftsman homes of the neighborhood, until you look closely.

Tomato sauce cans from the local pizza shop became siding. A neighbor's old chimney became brick foundation. A porch swing was crafted from a Dairy Queen bench. Window boxes from salvaged vent hoods. Rain chains from olive oil cans. Inside, wallpaper is old flour sacks and paper shopping bags (with their labels exposed). Terra-cotta roof tiles are sconces for lights.

Phoenix lives in one of the cottages with her 20-something son Christopher. They share the 364 square feet comfortably, even managing to fit in space for Phoenix's yoga practice and her sons' art studio (in sitting-room only loft). Despite the at times cramped quarters, Phoenix feels much more comfortable here than in her previous home that was nearly 10 times the size.

Portland Garden Cottages:

Christopher's portraiture/caricature:

Original story:

The license plate on the wall says it all... BREATHE.