Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 094 03/01/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Navy Commander Found Murdered In Orange Park

SEAL Team 6 Finally Gets Congressional Hearing

Barack Hussein Obama ‘Voter ID’ Scam Is Busted

West Virginia Legislators To Nullify Fed Hemp Ban

Plan To Divide Cali Into Six States Moves Forward

Baldwin Blasts Anderson Cooper / Rachel Maddow

Apple Security Breach Should Scare You Even More

Yahoo Webcam Images Were Intercepted By GCHQ

Ghostbusters Star / Writer Harold Ramis Dead At 69

DOW Average Rose +49.06 To Close At 16,321.71

Bitcoin Exchange Gox Finished By Eric Barlow WRC

JP Morgan Financial Is Now Set To Fire Thousands

Another Sudden JP Morgan Death 34YO Man 2013

Rome Just Days Away From Bankruptcy Protection

LukOil Stops Odessa Supplies Over Unpaid Debts

Feds Seize Gold Coins From Pennsylvania Family

Arizona To Authorize Gold / Silver As Legal Tender

Obamacare Now Appearing On Your Restaurant Bill

IRS Says Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid With Return

Convicted Terrorist Worked As Obamacare Navigator

White House Petition To Cut Congress Pay By Same

Are Americans Rising Up Against The Government?

ALERT Connecticut Sends Out Confiscation Letter

Is Gun Confiscation On The Way In Connecticut ?!?

State Police Would Participate In Gun Confiscations

NYPD Officer Pulls Gun In Snowball Fight Then Lies

Disabled Vet Shot In Stomach By Police Over Cane

She Allegedly Went On A Jog Without Her Papers

Baltimore Co Police Say No Freedom Of Speech

Lawyer Releases Video Death Of Man In Custody

Special Needs Children Bring Choked In Schools

Supreme Court Rules Police Don't Need A Warrant

Army Gives $500K Armored Trucks To Police State

US Gun Owners Say We Don’t Want To Be Ukraine

Ukraine Riot Police On Knees Beg For Forgiveness

Ukraine Pleads For Help Against Russian Invasion

Ukraine Says Russian Troops Tried To Seize Airport

Sarah Palin Warned In 2008 Putin To Invade Ukraine

FYI - Russian Spy Ship Now Docked In Havana WTF

Terror Drill Simulates Multiple Attacks At NAS Fallon

Netanyahu And Merkel Stage Historical Reenactment

Winter Storm To Hit Central / East US This Weekend

X-Flare Most Intense Flare Of 2014 So Far On 02/25

Fireball In The Sky Sunday Night In Central New York

Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Affects California Kids

Bay Area Children Paralyzed By Mysterious Disease

West Coast Radioactive Fukushima Water Arrives

More Radiation Detected At New Mexico Nuke Site

St Lucie FL Nuke Plant Cooling Tubes Show Wear

Dire Message From Feds No Water This Year CA

FYI - IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X

Multiple Scientists Confirm Reality Of Free Energy

Dead Man Begins Breathing In Embalming Room

Police Chief Argues Weed Killed 37 In Colorado

Google Glass Woman Posts Video Of Bar Attack,0,3398634.story#axzz2uSEYFQmM

Man Kills Himself While Demonstrating Gun Safety

Pregnant Woman Dispute Goes Flare Gun DOOM

Student Suspended / Charged Over Fishing Knife?

Pope Francis Kisses Mini-Me To Kick Off Carnival

Government Handbook For Trolls Uncovered WTF

LAPD Marks Day Without Crime In San Fern Valley

While CHP Is Arresting Firefighters This Is Oakland

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Girl Scout Cookies Outside Pot Dispensary

WeAreChange Naomi Wolf Interview

Day Of Resistance In New Hampshire

Rest In Peace Firefighter Bruce Britt

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