Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 096 03/15/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Inside Edition Covers MaKaElectric On MH370

US Investigators Suspect 370 Flew On For Hours

Analysis Shows Two Possible Indian Ocean Paths

Was Malaysia Jet Hidden By Electronic Weaponry

Massive Natural Gas Explosion In NYC Manhattan

Massive Blaze In San Francisco Near AT&T Park

Legal Status To Undocumented Military Relatives

US Border Agents Told To Be Less Aggressive?!

Obama’s Approval Rating 38% (Jericho Warning)

Obama Does Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns?!

FDA To Approve Device That Treats Headaches,0,4533537.story

Your Phone's Internet 1K Times Faster Than 4G?

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Everything Must Go! The Flood Of Store Closings

ALERT - Jon Corzine's Son Is Dead At Age 31?!

Four Killed In Lord Ballyedmond Helicopter Crash

Obama 'Choose Between Phone Or Health Care'

Michelle Says Counselors Are Doing God’s Work

Obamacare Secret Mandate Two Year Exemption

Obama Begs Donors 'Do You Still Have My Back?'

Is The DHS Building A Domestic Military Force?!?

Repo Industry Powered US Surveillance Network?

Confusion As Connecticut Gun Law Takes Effect

Connecticut Police Refuse To Enforce New Laws

Use Of Force Drops 60% When Officers Cam Up

Taser Drone Could Stun Criminals With 80K Volts

Republicans Now Debate Privacy Versus Security

Oakland To Dial Back Full-Spectrum Surveillance

High School Student Suspended For Pro-2nd Shirt

Connecticut Eyes Law To Curb Loud Movies WTF

Obama Vetoes Bills Requiring Him To Follow Law

Feinstein You Mad Bro? CIA Searched Computers

Kerry / Lavrov Fail To Reach Ukraine Breakthrough

Kerry Gives Russia Until Monday To Reverse Acts

Russia Preparing To Invade Ukraine Estonia Says

Bank Runs Begin In Crimea As Depositors Swarm

Kremlin Website Now Hit By Powerful Cyber Attack

Looks Like Russia May Be Messing With The Fed?

Markets Fear Russia Cuts US Treasury Bill Holding

Putin Has Been Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Navy Ready To Deploy Laser System This Summer

US Could Be Plunged Into Minimal Attack Blackout

Massive Pileup In Ohio Kills 3 And Injures Trooper

Scientists Want To Test West Coast For Radiation

Mysterious Light And Loud Bang Perplex DC Area

Something Just Destroyed This Asteroid But What?

Hang On Tight! Fireball Season Is About To Begin!

Will Comet LINEAR Produce 2014 Meteor Shower

Mag 6.8 Quake 77Km WNW Of Ferndale California

Mag 6.8 Quake East Of The South Sandwich Island

Mag 5.8 Quake 37Km SW Of San Pino Nac Mexico

Mag 5.5 Quake Off Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Skydiver Hit By 87-Year-Old Pilot's Plane Landing

Oh Gosh 'Batman' Robs Store In G-String WTF?!

Woman's Auto-Pay Hid Her Death For Six Years

Police Rescue Family Penned By 22-Pound Cat

Swarm Of Killer Bees Attack California Woman

School Production Carrie Musical Sparks Rage

$600K Taken From Safe At Osteen Megachurch

WTF? > Radio Controlled Flying Fuck Helicopter

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US Airways Passengers Save Baby

Revolution Or Martial Law By ATLAH

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How the peak EMP on the ground varies with the weapon yield and burst altitude. Note that the yield here is the prompt gamma ray output measured in kilotons. This varies from 0.1-0.5% of the total weapon yield, depending on weapon design. The 1.4 Mt total yield 1962 Starfish test had an output of 0.1%, hence 1.4 kt of prompt gamma rays. (The blue 'pre-ionisation' curve applies where gamma and x-rays from the weapon's primary stage ionise the atmosphere, making it electrically conductive before the main pulse from the thermonuclear stage. The pre-ionisation can literally short out part of the final EMP.) -- Wikipedia
In my opinion, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was taken for a reason, we haven't seen the last of it and we won't like the outcome. - c

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