Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 098 03/29/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Two Firefighters Killed In Boston Brownstone Blaze

Massive Fire Destroys Houston Apartment Complex

Washington Landslide Is One Of Nation's Deadliest

Sub Train Jumps Tracks 32 Hurt At Chicago Airport

Drunk Secret Service Agents Booted From Trip?!?

Nine Air Force Nuke Commanders Fired In Scandal

Two Dead In Naval Station Norfolk Virginia Shooting

Lawmakers Urge President To Release Info On 9/11

Israelis Planning Another 9/11 Using Missing MH370

Malaysia Says There's Sealed Evidence On MH370

MH370 Pilot In No State Of Mind To Fly Says Friend

YT Investigator Says MH370 Landed At Diego Garcia

Canadian Man In Hospital Tests Negative For Ebola

29 Now Dead From Guinea Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Detroit Water Shutoffs Over $260M In Delinquent Bills

$102B DBSI Fraud Trial FBI Agent Commits Suicide

Obama Entourage $8,350 Per Night Bling Bling Suite

Important Changes USB Checking Account Advance

Big Pharma Profiteering Gone Wild $1K A Pill Drug?

Harry Reid Video Response 50 Cases In 50 States!!!

300M Americans Engaging In Civil Disobedience Act

Administration Extends ACA Deadline For Some Huh

Albuquerque Officer Involved Shooting Justified WTF

Albuquerque Chief Now Says He Spoke Too Soon?!?

Obama Admin Is Greatest Enemy Of Press Freedom

Feinstein Bill To Kill Free Speech Has Votes To Pass

Police To Keep Quiet About Cell Tracking Technology

Microsoft Will Now Have Gov Invade Customer Acts?!

Kansas Family To Spend $25K For SWAT Raid WTF

Law Allows Tennessee To Plan Executions In Secret?

Georgia Legislators Pass Most Extreme Gun Bill Ever

Anti-Gun Bill Squeaks Through NH Senate Committee

Outrageous Workbook Second Amendment Definition

Colorado Students At Shooting Range For Gun Safety

Colorado School Bans Student For Shaving Her Head

Indiana To Withdraw From Common Core Standards

Study Says Small Nuclear War To Destroy The World

Merkel Miffed At Obama / Cameron Nuke War Game

Ukraine Says 100K Russian Troops Are Near Border

Obama Phone Urges Putin To Pull Back From Border

Russia Is Now Set To Sanction US Businesses Huh?

Meanwhile Swiss Decide Against Russian Sanctions

Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Jet To Support AlQaeda?

North Korea Fires Two Mid Range Missiles Says Seoul

Egyptian Court Sentences 529 To Death Over Morsi?!

Muslim Who Lived On Welfare Poses With Five Heads

Turkey Shuts Off YouTube After Syria Invasion Leak?!?

Rumsfeld Says Trained Ape Is Better Than Obama LOL

Quake May Have Caused Wash Mudslide Official Says

Chile Experts Fear Catastrophe After 300 Quake Week

Washington Monument To Reopen 2 Years After Quake

A Seismic Cloak Could Minimize Earthquake Damage

Hiland Crude Pipe Spills Oil In Alexander North Dakota

Texas Crews Try To Contain Oil Spill In Galveston Bay

11 Reported Injured At Hanford Washington Nuke Site

Navy To Radiation Test Hundreds Of California Homes

Ontario Meteorite Fireball Described As Rosetta Stone

Newspaper Apologises For Showing Obamas As Ape

Obama Appointed Judge Rules Border Fence Racist?

Prisoners To Serve 1K Year Sentence In Eight Hours?

$4.25 Cupcake ATM Opens In New York City WTF?!?

SF Man Forced To Smoke Meth In Gunpoint Robbery

Germany Seizes Vatican Bound Cocaine Condoms?!

Razor Blades Glued To Equipment In Chicago Park?!

Idiot Attempts Police Station Break In For Skateboard

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NH Man Brings Rifle To Airport

Man Builds Dream Mini-Home

Police Officer Plays Basketball

Giraffe Kisses Dying Zoo Worker

The Return Of Cheech And Chong

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