Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 095 03/08/2014

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Malaysia Air Lost Contact With Jet Carrying 239

Malaysia Air Lost Contact With Jet / GLP Thread

Bitcoin Exchange CEO Found Dead In Singapore

33 Dead As Knife-Wielding Men Storm China Station

US NAVY Jet Crashes During Nevada Training Flight

Hundreds Arrested At Keystone XL White House Sit-In

FYI - 30,000 Year Old Giant Virus Comes Back To Life

Closed Nuclear Dump Site Storing Waste In Parking Lot

Shooter Is Still At Large After Memphis TN Mall Incident

FBI Website Releases 2014 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Gainesville Officer Shoots Stabbing Suspect / YouTuber

YouTube Channel Of Michael Cravey / Thomas Brinkley

How The DOW Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

FYI - Moodys Now Downgrades Chicago Credit Rating

Obama's Budget Eyes $1 Trillion Hike In Tax Revenue

Reps Fight Dems Efforts To Punish Issa Over Hearing

Couple Who Found $10 Million In Gold Coin To Pay Tax

Police Using Military Vehicles Over Of Pentagon Cuts

Facebook To Pay City Cop’s Salary? It's Concerning?

Connecticut Confrontation Brewing Over Registration

Maryland Considers Confiscating Guns From Residents

DOJ To Announce Expansion To Background Checks?

Sheriff Warned Of Revolution Over Confiscation In 2013

American Flag Banned In California School WTF ?!?!?!

OMG! 'Finger Gun' Gets Boy 3 Day School Suspension

Russia Drafts Law To Seize US Assets Over Sanctions

Russia Threatens To Abandon Dollar And Dump Debt

Obama 'Crisis Is Extraordinary National Security Threat'

Russian Soldiers Training In Canada To Leave Country

United States Warship Heads For Black Sea Exercises

Turkey Scrambles Jets After Russian Plane Near Coast

US Mil Sends Fighters Jets To Assist NATO In Ukraine

US Satellites Detect Planes At Russian Nuclear Storage

Top US Mil Generals Grim Outlook On Nation’s Defense

Russia Today Anchor Quits Live On Air Over Whitewash

104 Vehicle Pileup 1 Killed / 30 Hospitalized In Denver

Philadelphia Reporter Hit With Wall Of Snow From Plow

Mag 6.5 Quake 110Km NW Of Nago Japan No Tsunami

Mysterious Vibrations Rattle Buford GA Homes On 2/28

Object Falling From Sky Sets Kuresoi KE Home Ablaze

Two Asteroid Close Calls 2014 DX110 / 2014 EC Data

Seismic Monitor Station Off During Evanston Explosion

ET Phones Home? NASA Discovers 715 New Planets

Men Convicted Of Selling China Oreo Cookies Secrets

Ohio Woman Wins 8 Pounds Of Marijuana In Spare Tire

Missouri Family Discovers Hidden Camera In Bathroom

Massachusetts Court Says Upskirt Photos Are Legal ?!

WTF ?!? Pope Francis Curses During Sunday Speech

Child Abuse Charges On Pope Francis Gee Go Figure

Quantum Scientists Unveil Invisible Cloak Technology

Electronic Glove To Keep Your Heart Beating Forever

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House Of Cards (Must Watch)

Osama Bin Liftin LMAO!

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