Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Secret to Intimacy - The Science of Love | Soul Pancake

Love can be broken down into three categories; passion, intimacy and commitment. But what comes first and what leads to what? If you can't choose to be intimate with someone, how can you make sure they stick around? This week we meet real couples and investigate the secret behind intimacy.

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Directed by: Mike Bernstein
Producer: Matt Pittman
Hosted by: Julian Huguet

Cinematographer: Yuki Noguchi
Production Designer: Flower Cole
1st AD: Hudson Sheaffer

Editor: David Sommer
Production Manager: William Cubbon
Production Coordinator: Rebecca Ma
Production Support: Anthony D'Angelo

B Cam Op: Richie Yau
1st AC | DIT: Loie Russell-Templeton
Gaffer: Drew Moe
G&E Swing: Allen Chadakowski
Art Director: Marcy Silver
Makeup: Taylor Tompkins
On Set Sound Mixer: Ben Adams
VFX & Title Sequence: Cameron Clark
Post Sound Designer & Mixer: Matt Schwartz
Colorist: Trevor Durtschi

Featured Participants: Jill & TC, Nina & Corey, Scott & Jessica, Mei Mei & Kiran


Just Chillin by Marcus Svedin
Rural Sky by Devin O'Rourke
Ah, It Was in the Garage After All from the Lullatone - Elevator Music Library
Prelude for a Single Snowflake Under a Streetlight, Falling Like a Star from the Lullatone - While Winter Whispers Library
Peache of Mind by Devin O'Rourke
Uplifting Retro Piano Pop by Gavin Luke

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"I think it's time for me to announce, I'm not going to bed with you." -- Robert Sherwood