Friday, April 4, 2014

Garnish Tutorial Carrot Swirls and Vegetable Triangle Twisties | How to Make Sushi

How to carve vegetables into edible beautiful garnish for sushi

Garnish tutorials:

In this video Chef Devaux will show how to make simple yet delicately beautiful vegetables garnish to decorate sushi platters or any other type of food dish.
The first type of garnish shown in this video is the carrot swirl which is simply made by cutting a thin slice of carrot and then carving slits in to it after which it is rolled around a chop stick so it can take its shape, once released it forms curly carrot swirl or wave.
The second garnish is the vegetable triangle twisties these can be made out of nearly any vegetable or even scraps (leftovers) which makes it a great simply useful trick to know when trying decorate your plate with garnish.

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