Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 099 04/05/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Four Dead Including Shooter At Fort Hood 04/02

FBI Warned Of Fort Hood Inspired Jihad 04/01?!

Piers Morgan Unbelievable Ignorance On Shooting

1,892 Veterans Have Committed Suicide In 2014

Navy SEAL Shot In Bath Township Ohio Parking Lot

US Marine Faces Eviction Over US / USMC Flags

Fighter Jets With MH370 In Secret Mil Operation?!

Was Rothschild Behind Disappearance Of MH370?

Massive Explosion At Washington State Gas Plant

More Workers Contaminated At New Mexico Dump

Did Michigan Just Trigger Constitutional Convention

NORAD Launches Major Northern Training Exercise

New Alien Elongated Skulls Uncovered In Antarctica

Yahoo Is Now Considering Creating Its Own YouTube

How DOW Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

60 Minutes 'Is The US Stock Market Really Rigged?'

Second Species On Earth Controls Money / Religion

JP Morgan Bankruptcy Lawyer Killed In Hit And Run

Russian Lawmakers Call On Oil To Ditch Dirty Dollar

Cost To Heat With Natural Gas Is Up 40% In Canada

Facebook Buys UK Maker Of Solar Powered Drones

Facebook Was Smart To Buy Oculus Virtual Reality?

Pelosi Says George Washington Wanted Obamacare

Tax Dollars To Buy $400K Camel Statue In Pakistan?

Gov Gearing Up For War With Right Wing Extremists

Constitution Is Out Dated / International Law Supreme

Albuquerque Shooting Recording To Be Given To FBI

Albuquerque Protesters Arrested And Gas Released

New Connecticut Law On Long Guns Takes Effect 4/1

College Suspends Student Asking About Gun Control

Thousands Of Parents Pull Kids From New York Tests

Creativity And Non-Conformity Now A Mental Illness?!

WRC Reports Bilderberg To Meet In Denmark In 2014

NBC News Reports All Americans Microchipped 2017

Deadly Dangers Of Russian Troops In America NOW?

NATO 'Russia Could Attack Ukraine Without Warning'

Turkey Officials Talk Invasion Of North Syria Says Leak

Start A False Flag War With Syria Leaked Recording

Argentine Leader Claims Falklands NATO Nuke Base

FYI Look Inside The Military’s New Office For Cyborgs

Mag 8.2 Quake Off Northern Chile With Tsunami 04/01

Mag 7.6 Quake / Aftershock Off Northern Chile 04/02

Mag 6.3 Quake Hits Panama Felt In Costa Rica 04/02

Mag 6.0 Quake Hits Near The Solomon Islands 04/04

Mag 4.8 Quake Hits Yellowstone National Park 03/30

LA Fault Could Bring Quake Worse Than 'The Big One',0,3659379.story#axzz2xVoSzf4L

Helmet Cam Shows Meteorite Nearly Hitting Skydiver?

Space Junk Collision Could Destroy Communications

Body In Car With Note Warning To Stay Away In Waco

WTF 9 Month Old Charged With Terrorism In Pakistan

Man Swept Out To Sea During Sunday Morning Baptism [Darwin Award?]

ET Bill Clinton Wouldn’t Be Surprised By An Alien Visit

Scientists At John Moore University Clone A Dinosaur?

Student Fell To Death After Eating Pot Cookie In Denver

Black Death Skeletons Reveal Pitiful Life Of Londoners

California Man Says His Wife Froze To Death In Morgue

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