Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 100 04/12/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Fort Hood Shooter Snapped Over Leave Request

Marine Killed In Camp Lejeune Shooting Identified

22 Stabbed In Franklin School Stabbing Rampage

California Bus Crash Leaves Multiple People Dead

Officer Injured After Shots Fired At LA Police Station

Military Drone Crashes Near Pennsylvania School?!

Net Users Advised To Change Passwords Over Bug

NSA Has Exploited Bug For Years Says Bloomberg

Missing Plane MH370 Team Detects 2 Ping Signals

Signal Sounds Just Like One From A Plane Beacon

Ford Recalls Nearly 435K Vehicles Over Frame Part

Tyson Recalls Over 75K Pounds Of Chicken Nuggets

Shoe Thrown At Hillary Clinton During Vegas Speech

Charity Game Between FDNY / NYPD All Out Brawl?!

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Liechtenstein Bank Frick CEO Shot Dead In Garage

Ex-Banker Schmittmann Killed Wife / Daughter / Self

USA Bacon Prices Rise After Virus Kills Baby Pigs

Most Hawaii Private Schools To Have Tuition Hikes

Panel Holds Ex-IRS Lerner In Contempt Of Congress

State Department Can’t Account For $6B In Contracts

HHS Secretary Sebelius Resigning Over Obamacare

Hawaii Medical Service Association Seeks Increases

Just 858K Insured Americans Have Paid Obamacare

Most Not Able To Buy Insurance Until Years End 2014

Tax Refunds Used To Pay Debts From Parents WTF?

Nevada Officials Blast Feds Over Treatment Of Bundy

Constitutional Sheriff Mack Speaks On Bundy Standoff

Militias Head To Nevada Standoff Not Afraid To Shoot

Anti-Government Patriots Gather Near Standoff Scene

WTF BLM Kills Hundreds Of Desert Tortoises In 2013

BLM Exposed? Siege Really About Fracking Leases?

Chinese Solar Panel Plant $5B Nevada Deal In 2012?

Land Grabs Agenda 21 Eminent Domain GLP Thread

DOJ Says Albuquerque Police Uses Excessive Force

Production Assistant Killed By LA Sheriff Deputies?!?

LAPD Officers Tampered With Recording Equipment,0,7666331.story#ixzz2yILkk1Hw

Iowa City With Population Of 7K Gets Military Vehicle?

Judge Rules Flashing Lights To Warn Is Free Speech

Russia Will Not Import GMO Products Says Medvedev

Ukraine Launches Anti-Terrorist Operations Arrests 70

Possible Civil War If Ukraine Uses Force Over Revolts

Russia On Ukraine Border In High State Of Readiness

US Troops May Be Sent To Europe Says AP Interview

Japan Can Intercept Any North Korea Missile Threat?

US Sending Ships To Japan To Counter North Korea

Pakistan Field Child Face Shames Drone Operators!

Paul Says Cheney Pushed War To Benefit Halliburton

Muslims Force Christian To Islam Then Behead Him?

Army Goes To War With National Guard Over Apaches

Mag 7.3 Quake Hits Off Of Papua New Guinea 04/11

Mag 6.6 Quake Hits Near Southwest Nicaragua 04/11,0,81705.story

Mag 5.3 Quake Off Coast West Of Iquique Chile 04/07

Mag 4.1 Quake Rattles Central Oklahoma State 04/10

Mag 4.1 Quake Rattles North Central Idaho State 04/10

7 Volcanoes Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other

Jackson Wyoming Homes Evacuated As Ground Shifts

Large Detroit Area Sinkhole Swallows Two Cars 04/07

Kazakhstan Mother Flees Sinkhole Takes Home 04/07

UFO Spotters Are Excited Over Suspicious Mars Photo

Blood Moon Eclipse April 15 First In Rare Phenomenon

Vandals Flip Smart Cars In The San Francisco Area?!

One Million Buried In Mass Graves On New York Island

Ohio Man Tells Police He Used Hammer To Kill Wife?!

Al Sharpton Worked As FBI Informant With Mob Pals?!

Topless Woman Ransacks McDonald's For Ice Cream

Iraq Ready To Legalise Childhood Marriage? WTF?!?

Bishops Rule Child Molestation Not To Be Reported?!

Forgiveness For Priests Who Sexually Abused Kids?!

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Artist Turns Garbage Into Homes For Homeless

Gun Maker Releases New York Compliant AR-15

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