Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 101 04/19/2014 | MaKaElectric

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28 Killed 270 Missing After Korean Ferry Sinking

Cruise Ship Passengers Sickened On Luxury Liners

Official IDs Supremacist As Kansas Attack Suspect

Stabbings Near University Of Calgary Leave 5 Dead

Boston Marathon Finish Line Unattended Backpacks

Boston Strong? Whatever! This Is Exactly How I Feel

2 Indianapolis Police Officers Dead In Murder Suicide

Phony Chicago Police Reports To Reduce Crime Rate

At Least 100 Die In West Africa Area Ebola Outbreak

Measles Outbreak Traced To Fully Vaccinated Patient

Robotic Submarine Search For Malaysian Air MH370

UFly Co Fires Flight Sim Op Who Appeared On CNN

Deadline To Register Assault Weapons In NY Passes

What If A Nuclear Bomb Exploded In Washington DC?

How The DOW Jones Financials Fared On The Week

Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace Go Figure

Europe Banks Cut 80,000 Staff In Post Crisis Overhaul

Oklahoma To Charge Customers Over Solar Panels?!

Obama Requests $1B / DOJ $382M For Gun Control?

Just 8 Million Have Signed Up For Obamacare LMAO!

Standoff At Bundy Ranch Ends With The Feds Leaving

BLM Deadly Abuse Of Animals Taken From The Ranch

Reid Says Bundy Backers Are Domestic Terrorists?!?

Just Some Of The 'Domestic Terrorist' Bundy Backers

Founding Fathers Didn’t Create Government Like This

Glenn Beck Warns About Right's Version Of Occupy?!

BLM Now Declares Texas Is Oklahoma Land WTF?!?

Governors Want Militia Ready For Rogue Fed Forces?

US Right Wing Extremists More Deadly Than Jihadists

Feds To Hide Rationale For Killing Citizen Says Judge

TSA Defies Audit Quietly Expands Behavior Screening

Bloomberg Gun Control Organization To Take On NRA

FYI US Postal Service Stocks Up On Guns And Ammo

Another Tiny Town Has An MRAP And Ready For War

Co Teacher Denounces Common Core In Resignation

Dog Calmly Playing With Kids As Cop Shoots Himself

Legislation Would Ban State GMO Labeling Measures

Fingerprint Now Required For Six Flags Season Pass?

UN Security Council Meets As Ukraine Teeters On Brink

Ukraine Large Scale Operation On Pro-Russian Forces

US Military High Alert As Ukraine Troops Trade Gunfire

Russian Fighter Makes 'Multiple Passes' Near US Ship

Russia Space Defence Tests Launch Yars New Missile

Leaflet Tells Jews To Register In East Ukraine WTF?!?

New Syrian Airstrikes Very Close To The Israeli Border

Tehran To Enrich Uranium At 90% Weapons Grade Lev

Navy Christens Most Expensive Stealth Destroyer Ever

China President Xi Wants More Military Use Of Space

Sharpton Urges Putin To Take Obama On Horseback?

Kim Jong Un Hair Salon Poster Riles Embassy LMAO!

12 Dead 4 Still Missing In Big Mount Everest Avalanche

Detroit Snow Breaks Record And Topples Power Lines

Bright Fireball In Phoenix Night Sky ID'd Meteor 04/13

Erupting Volcanoes As Seen From NASA Observatory

Mag 7.8 Earthquake Hits Near Solomon Islands 04/12

Mag 7.2 Earthquake Hit East Of Petatlan Mexico 04/18

Mag 4.9 Earthquake Hits Town Of Challis Idaho 04/12

Hundreds Of Quakes Hit Central Idaho Rattling Nerves

Rumbling Of San Diego Coast Was Supersonic Flight

Ohio Makes Connection Between Fracking And Quakes

Hard Winter Leads To Big Fish Kill In Powell Wyoming

95% Of Trout Dead In Goldeneye Reservoir In Wyoming

Americas Get Front Row Seat For Total Lunar Eclipse

Northern Lights Photos Amazing Aurora Views Of 2014

MIT Designs A Floating Tsunami Proof Nuclear Plant?!?

Planet Could Show Life's Spread Through Solar System

G4T Arrested For Allegedly Making Phony Bomb Threat

Woman Gets Life In Prison In Stiletto Heel Slaying Doom

Rapper Cuts Off Penis In Suicide Attempt No Re-Attach

Energy Drink Gets Banned For Causing Erections Huh?!

Glow In The Dark Roads Make Debut In The Netherlands

Missouri Sound Cannons To Deter Work Zone Speeding

Nebraska Boy Found Inside Stuffed Animal Claw Machine

KFC Debuts 'Chicken Corsage' Eat Your Hand Off LMAO

Anti-NRA Protester Explains You Shouldn’t Have A Gun?!

Bottled Water And Fluoride CDC Says Yes Have Some

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