Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 104 05/10/2014 | MaKaElectric

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Boehner Names GOP Benghazi Committee

No Senate Benghazi Panel Says Harry Reid

White House May Not Cooperate With Panel

John Kerry Will Not Comply With Subpoena?!

Clinton 'No Reason To Continue Investigation'

Obama $500M For Weapons Used In Attack?

US Military Aircraft Crashes South Of Phoenix

Crude Train Derails West Of LaSalle Colorado

WH Locked Down As Car Drives In Secure Area

Two Accused Of Tossing Items Over WH Fence

Citizens Take Albuquerque Want Arrest Of Chief

80% Of America Says No One Survived MH370

Slain German Exchange Student Honored WTF?

Home Invaders Did Not Deserve To Be Killed?!?

Congressman Stands By Uncle Tom Comment?!

Kerry In Africa 'Do Some Of You Ride Donkeys?'

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Office Depot To Close 400 Stores Shares Jump

WRC 'The Corporate Rape Of The Great Lakes'?

132 Nations Want Out Of Cabal Banking System

Pope Urges 'Legitimate Redistribution' Of Wealth

PNC Banker Found Dead In Hoboken Harbor?!?

Monaco Real Estate Billionaire Critical Condition

Obama Calls TPP Critics Conspiracy Theorists?!

Admin Releases Photo Of Obama Depicted King

Obama’s America Identical To Hitler’s Germany?!

Michigan Loses ‘Right To Farm’ This Week Huh?!

Exclusive 'Fed 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake'

Virginia To Limit Size Of Private Home Gatherings

FBI Investigating Bundy Supporters In BLM Dispute

Warning To State That Ops Out Of Common Core?

Stiff Driving Posture Is Now Suspicious Behavior?!

EPA Approves Agent Orange For GMO Crops Huh

93 Year Old Woman Murdered By Texas Police?!?

Alabama Police Kill Teen With Sharp Throat Object

FBI / DHS Simulate Attack At Birmingham Galleria?

St Louis Area Mass Casualty Mall Parking Exercise

Nigeria Terrorist Leader Says I Abducted Your Girls

Hillary Fought To Keep Boko Haram Off Terror List?

Russia Holds Military Drills To Repel Nuclear Strike

US Condemns North Korea's Ugly Racist Remarks?

Immense Iran Explosion May Have Nuclear Origins?

Iranian Commander 'US Carriers Are Easy Targets'

VA Chief Subpoenaed In Investigation Of Dying Vets

'The Jihadist Barack Hussein Obama' By Clashdaily

Climate Change Action Needed Says New Report?!

The Geoengineering Nightmare Continues To Unfold

Cloud Seeding Used In Wichita Falls Texas 05/08?!

Arkansas Tornado Victim Sends Heartbreaking Text

Mag 6.6 Quake Hits South Of The Fiji Islands 05/04

Mag 6.4 Quake North Of Tecpan De Galeana 05/08

Mag 6.1 Quake Hits South Of The Fiji Islands 05/04

Preliminary LA Map Has Fault Lines Under Schools

Bus Size Asteroid Buzzes Closer Than Moon 05/03

Mystery Lights Spotted Over Cincinnati Area 04/30?

Meteor Shower By Halley's Comet Peaks This Week

The Best 2014 Meteor Shower Might Happen 05/24

A Massive Sinkhole Opens On Busy Russian Road?

Mysterious Deaths Of Western Kentucky Asian Carp

Humans Not Ready To Meet Aliens Study Suggests

Scientists Created Entirely New Lifeform With DNA

NY Man Gets Life For Meat Cleaver Therapist Killing

Woman See's Stolen Bike On Craigslist Steals Back

Activists Storm US Base To Plant Marijuana Seeds?

TSA Finds 81 Pounds Of Pot In Checked Luggage?!

Naked Man Disrupts Traffic On I-94 In Detroit WTF?!

UPS Misdelivers Gov Drone To A College Student?!

Lucky Guy Survives Being Swallowed By Blue Whale

18 GIFs That Show How The World Really Works

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