Tuesday, August 26, 2014

India Imports Ebola

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I've been lurking about various news stories and none seem to have drawn my attention enough to take the time to share... except this frightening ditty. Heads up.



Airborne Ebola... coming to a flight near you.

via Mumbai Mirror

Seven flights carrying over 1,250 passengers - including 112 Indian expatriates - from Ebola-hit West African countries were to start landing in Mumbai starting 12.05 am on Tuesday. 

All 1250-odd passengers on these seven flights will be examined by doctors at the step ladder as they disembark.  

Passengers without any symptoms will be cleared and shifted to T2 in coaches for immigration and customs clearance. "Disinfection of the flights will be carried out once all passengers have de-planed," said the airport official. "Passengers for the next leg will be allowed to board these flights only after 30 minutes of the disinfection."

Flights under scanner

South African Airways flight SA 284 from Johannesburg to Mumbai -- 20 passengers. ETA: 12.05 am

Ethiopian Airlines flight No ET 610 from Adisa Ababa to Mumbai - 60 passengers. ETA: 4.40 am

Jet Airways flight 9W 302 Delhi to Mumbai -- 9 passengers. ETA: 12.05 pm

Jet Airways flight 9W 358 from Delhi to Mumbai -- 13 passengers. ETA: 12.35 pm

Emirates flight EK 506 from Dubai to Mumbai - 3 passengers. ETA: 2 pm

Etihad flight EY 7605 from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai - 2 passengers. ETA: 3.10 pm

Jet Airways flight 9W 362 from Delhi to Mumbai -- 5 passengers. ETA: 8.30 pm

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and it just got worse...

Liberia: Dogs Feed On Ebola Victims - http://allafrica.com/stories/201408260125.html 

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UPDATE: Six high-risk cases (suspect cases) of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) were on Monday admitted to quarantine facility at the Delhi airport. ‘Six high-risk cases have been admitted on September 1, 2014 to quarantine facility at Delhi Airport. We are monitoring the situation closely and everything is in place to tackle any situation,’ said a senior health ministry official.  According to the union health ministry, ‘during past 24 hours, 181 passengers from the affected countries have arrived at the airports of Mumbai (71), Delhi (44), Chennai (22), Bangalore (26), Kochi (4), Trivandrum (7), Hyderabad (4) and Kolkata (3)’

 Read More:  http://www.thehealthsite.com/news/ebola-in-india-has-the-virus-come-to-delhi/


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